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Build a Suet Monster

Help feed your garden birds

Support your garden birds and help ‘Birding For All’ at the same time!

We cannot fail to notice that far too many bird species are in decline across the UK. Many common farmland birds such like Corn Buntings, Yellowhammers and Tree Sparrows having suffered considerably. Garden favourites like Song Thrush and even the dear old House Sparrow have all become scarcer, and less often seen at our feeders.

Despite an increase in House Sparrow numbers observed in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch results in 2016, their numbers pale in comparison to figures from the 1970s, almost halving from 12 million to 6 million pairs (The Guardian, Sept 2013). Starlings have, of course, faced a similar circumstance over the years, with approximately 66% having suffered a decline since the mid-1970s. Other species have experienced similar fates.

The constant challenge these birds face is, of course, of serious concern to birders, and the much larger number of everyday folk. A staggering 20 million households in the UK put out food for the birds visiting their gardens great and small, and there can be no doubt that if they didn’t things would be even worse. More and more people are looking for ways to make the urban habitat better for birds too as our gardens become a hugely important haven; collectively far larger than all the nature reserves added together! So, the best of us shun chemicals in the garden and make sure there is a wild corner or two for wildlife to flourish or add nestboxes to our houses for familiar but declining species like House Martins and Swifts.

So important has this become for our wild bird populations that we need to pass on our love and our practices to the next generation.


One of Fatbirder’s advertisers, GardenBird*, has launched their own campaign to raise awareness for nature in our gardens, and especially to get children from all over the country involved in understanding some of the wonderful bird species that visit our gardens throughout the year. They have put together a fun family activity to help support garden species. So, if you’re looking for something educational and fun to do at the weekend with your children or grandchildren, here’s the perfect solution: create a Suet Monster competition.

And it’s very, very simple; your birds will be feasting on a beast in no time.

So, how can you build a Suet MonsterS?

It’s simple. You just need follow these five easy steps:

1. First, get your hands on a suet cake

2. Next, download the FREE suet monster template (if you like, you can create your own)

3. Print it out and stick it on to some cardboard

4. Colour it in and cut out the head, arms, legs and horns

5. Finally, stick the body parts to the suet cake and hang it in your garden

7th June 2017