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Useful Reading

A Bird in the Bush: A Social History of Birdwatching

by Stephen Moss Hardcover 320 pages Aurum Press 2004

ISBN: 1854109936

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A Concise History of Ornithology

by Michael Walters - An exploration of the history of ornithology from the earliest times to the present day, including the lives and works of such people as Linnaeus, Darwin and Wallace, as well as many other lesser-known figures.

A-Z of Birds: A Birder's Tales from Around the World

by Bo Beolens | 236 pages, b/w illustrations | Brambleby Books | Paperback | Aug 2013 |

ISBN: 9781908241238

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Arrivals and Rivals - A Duel For the Winning Bird

by Adrian M. Riley Paperback 168 pages (2007) Brambleby Books

ISBN: 9780954334796

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Audubon's Elephant

The Story of John James Audubon's Epic Struggle to Publish The Birds of America - Duff Hart-Davis -

ISBN: 029782967X

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Beguiled by Birds: Ian Wallace on British Birdwatching

by Ian Wallace Hardcover 304 pages (August 2, 2004), Publisher: Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713665351

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by Mark Cocker Paperback 240 pages Vintage 2002

ISBN: 0099289547

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Birding on Borrowed Time

by Phoebe Snetsinger, H. Douglas Pratt Paperback 307 pages, Publisher: American Birding Association

ISBN: 1878788418

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Birds & People

By Mark Cocker and David Tipling | 592 pages | colour photos, colour illustrations | Jonathan Cape | Hardback | Aug 2013

ISBN: 9780224081740

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Birds: Coping with an Obsession

By Derek Moore | Forewords by Chris Packham & Bill Oddie | 272 Pages | 100 Colour & Black & White photos | New Holland Publishers | Hardback | Aug 2013 |

ISBN: 9781847739520

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Blokes and Birds

Ed. Stephen Moss, Robin Chittenden [Photographs] Hardcover 96 pages New Holland Publishers 2003

ISBN: 1843304848

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Francois Levaillant and the Birds of Africa

Rookmaaker, LC et al, Brenthurst Press 2004

ISBN: 0909079595

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Had I the Wings

The Friendship of Bachman and Audubon - J Shuler - University of Georgia Press 2001

ISBN: 082032079X

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How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher

by Simon Barnes Hardcover Publisher: Short Books 2004 See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 190409595X

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Kingbird Highway

by Kenn Kaufman Paperback, 336 pages (August 1, 2000), Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 0618062351

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The Bird Man: A Biography of John Gould

by Isabella Tree Hardcover, 250 pages (1 May, 2003), Ebury Press

ISBN: 071262158X

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Whose Bird

by Bo Beolens ('The Fat Birder') & Mike Watkins Paperback 320 pages (August 2003) Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713666471

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Useful Information

Bird Brain

Bird Brain UK is a one stop shop for all your ornithological requirements. Are you about to produce a news bulletin and need to know a site in London for House Sparrows or have a question on birds, go to Consultancy. Need a picture of particular bird for publication or your own talk, then click on Photo Gallery for a selection of pictures available. Do you organise your local wildlife groups indoor meetings? Want an identification talk with quiz at the end? Then go to Talks & Lectures to find out more. Are you part of a team working on site where schedule 1 species are breeding and need to know how many and what parts they are present on? Or do you just need a survey of a site before building work can go ahead. Then go to Surveys. Do you want to know who is behind Bird Brain UK? Then go to Profile…

Derek Bird Brain

I have been birding since leaving the womb…


Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences - History of Ornithology


The most important basis for the research done at the Department of Ornithology is its rich collection obtained due to hard effort of many generations of zoologists. These are bird skins, alcohol specimens, skeletal and paleontological materials. The richness, diversity and completeness of the Department’s collection is the highest in Russia and one of the highest in Europe…




25th International Ornithological Congress - Brazil 22-28 August 2010

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History of American Ornithology


Pages for John Cassin, Thomas Mayo Brewer, Thayer etc…