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Trip Report Repositories

Olive-backed Sunbird Nectarinia jugularis ©Ian Montgomery Website

Each Fatbirder country or state page carries links to trip reports on that country rather than having them in this section - that's the place to first look for the most up to date reports. See too our sister website WAND Wildlife And Nature Destinations for a growing resource of trip reports

However, there are some wonderful repositories for trip reports and the best are set out below. The fatbirder would not dream of trying to compete but we do offer many additional links to reports on personal sites which may not be on the larger trip report websites. There are a few hosted by fatbirder too but I think it best if you offer yours to a site that specialises in Trip Reports rather than Fatbirder hosting the reports themselves.

Below are some guidelines on writing up your trip.

If you want your report to appear in one of the repositories they may ask you to follow a few simple guidelines, you may also find these of use if you wish your reports to be used by others.

1. A list of birds you saw is not a report; nor is a list of rarities without commoner species. That is a list for your own pleasure (or possibly to impress your friends) but is not in itself a lot of help to other birders. Your list of birds should either have sites against each bird, or each site should have a list of birds against it.

2. In the interests of space it is better to give map references rather than maps; descriptions rather than pictures. Too many maps or pictures will make the report take too long to open on the site and that will frustrate potential users. If quoting map references or place names include a note in the report of the maps or books you used with publishers and prices at time of writing. Of course you should include maps of very specific sites if they are not, to your knowledge, published elsewhere.

3. Background is useful, and not just for infrequently visited locations. Not all of us have been to Tenerife or Disneyworld and will find tips about people, bargains, transport, local customs etc. useful, so long as you do not write a whole book about it.

4. Costs help… if you got a cheap flight or package tell us how much and where. If you booked through the internet give us URLs (website addresses).

5. You might have kept your notes in the form of a diary but, apart from the time of year, we do not need to know which day you were where… include a trip itinerary instead if you want to show us the logistics of a complicated travel plan.

6. Finally sum up. Its nice to know what you thought of the places you went to and whether it was value for money and what problems you had.

These are, of course, guidelines. Please get in touch if you want us to host your trip reports – there is no charge to you or to the report readers. This section is nowhere near as full as it could and should be. Many birders will not only have produced their own reports but will also have them on their own web-sites. Come on you shrinking violets… let us know your website address and what you have recorded so we can all share it.

The Fat Birder has a report or two of its own so if you want to read about my trips to Kenya, Goa, or Trinidad & Tobago or my mate`s trips to Costa Rica and Lesbos see my Birder`s Travel website at www.anytimetours.co.uk

Trip Reports


Trip Report Repository

CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.

Other Links

Americas Natural History Trip Report Repository


The most comprehensive repository of trip reports in North America as it is part of the American Birders Association and maintained by Blake Maybank.

Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World


another good source of printable checklists…

Bavarian Birds


This on-line German birding magazine has an up to date trip report section…

Bird Guiding Register


GuidedBirding.com is a new and innovative website developed to provide a single resource on the Web for locating a reliable guide in countries across the world. A valuable, and much needed point of contact that is beneficial to both traveller and guide.

Bird Links to the World - Trip Reports


Trip reports links and tour operators

Bird Tours Trip Reports


It claims to be The UK`s Premier On-line Birdwatching Trip Report Collection. and it certainly has lots of reports and keeps building. A very good site.

Birders Travel


This is where you can find the Fat Birder`s trip reports. At the moment there are three of my own to Goa, to Trinidad & Tobago and to Canada, and two reports from my oldest friend to Lesbos and to Costa Rica.

Birding Hotspots


These links go directly to information on specific birding hotspots around the world, local site guides, etc. Although these links can't replace knowing a fellow birder in the location you're going, they can certainly help! - There are not a lot of websites around the world that the Fatbirder admires… this is in the top five!



Birdingpal is the international site that brings together birders using instant on-line access. Birders are special people, who reach out to make new friends all around the world. Through our hospitality the world becomes a better place. Just like Pen Pals say… A stranger is just a friend you haven`t met yet. MEET A BIRDING PAL, BE A BIRDING PAL. See their latest newsletter and contact Knud Rasmussen in Toronto, Canada at: mailto: krkr@sympatico.ca

Cliff Buckton's Trip Reports


Reports will appear here covering our trips to countries around the world. (Morocco, California, Argentina, etc.)

Honeyguide Trips


Some reports of Honeyguide trips in Europe - all in PDF format.

John van der Woude’s Birding Trip Reports


Birds, birding sites, logistics, private birdwatching, mainly Neotropics (Central and South America); with photos of sites and with bird sounds.

Keith Regan's Home Page


A few trip reports - Madeira and Malaysia etc.

Maudoc Birding


A few reports from Italy and also from around the world.



Reports from the Middle East

Pacific Birds


A series of trip reports from all around the Pacific…

Peter Jones' Trip Reports


Includes reports on Israel, Spain, Scotland, etc.

Printable Bird Checklists


A very useful service this with a growing number of printable checklists for many countries around the world. A free and easily accessible site for checklists…

Real Birder


Worldwide birding trip reports and bird photos plus help and guidance with research and independent travel arrangements for birdwatching holidays…

Red Gannet - A photographic diary of a birdwatcher


This appears to be the website of a birder in the travel industry who is visiting many world cities on a regular basis and so getting out to birding spots close by whenever he can… useful information when researching an area.

Susans Trip Reports


This page is really just an excuse to collect my trip reports from various places. Most of my birding is done in Victoria and other parts of Australia where I live but, for me, South East Asia is where the real excitement lies! Below you'll find my reports from various places in Asia and other places. I've also included a few reports from Oz (which is also a fantastic place!). I've set out each country with a trip report containing details of the various sites and annotated bird and mammal lists. Please note the dates on the reports and remember that things change - sometimes very quickly…

The Urban Birder


Birds are everywhere in the city, you just have to look… an excellent site proving the webmaster's maxim - never leave home without your bins…

Tony Coatsworth and Gina Jones Home Page


Trip reports for Thailand/Vietnam, Sabah (Borneo); Bharatpur, Kaziranga and Periyar in India. Also a selection of Indian Bird Photos.

Travel Report Service


The TRS collection exists of reports from the period 1986 - 2002. Moxt are not bird reports…

Travelling Naturalist


Lots of reports to many destinations world wide…

WAND - Wildlife And nature Destinations


A growing resource. This site brings together hundreds of tour companies etc with the wildlife loving traveller - see the destinations pages with links to trip reports.

Wielewaal Schelde Leie - Trip Reports


A collection of trip reports some in English and some in Dutch.



This site is not easy to find your way around but worth the effort with reports from less visited areas etc.