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Yellow Cardinal
Yellow Cardinal Gubernatrix cristata ©James Lowen Website

Corrientes is a province in northeast Argentina, in the Mesopotamia region. Its name means "currents" or "rapids" in Spanish. It is surrounded by (from the North, clockwise): Paraguay, the province of Misiones, Brazil, Uruguay, and the provinces of Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Chaco.

As part of the subtropical area of Mesopotamia, the province has heavy rains and high temperatures with little daily and seasonal variation specially in the North, and no dry season. The Southern part of the province presents some signs of the neighbouring more temperate weather of the Pampas.

Corrientes is surrounded by two rivers, the Uruguay River to the east, and the Paraná River to the northwest, that contour the shape of the province. The low shore of the Paraná produces frequent floodings. After the specially destructive one in 1982, a protective system has been started with the construction of barriers.

The province is for the most part a plain, with the highest points in the east. To the west, a series of descending platforms go down to the Paraná River. The Iberá Wetlands, an area of lagoons and swamps, is a vast depression from volcanic flow, covered later with fluvial and eolic sediments.

Corrientes, like much of the Argentine north, has long had relatively underdeveloped economy. Agriculture is still one of the main activities in the province, adding 15% to its output. It's centred in citrus, tobacco, rice, tea, cotton and yerba mate, for which it's well known internationally. The timber industry uses 1,400 km² of pine and eucalyptus forests.

On the Paraná River, near the city of Ituzaingó, the Yaciretá dam provides energy not only to the province, but to both Argentina and Paraguay.



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Number of bird species: 545

As at July 2016

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Turismo Corrientes

See: http://www.argentinaturistica.com/crniresenia.htm En Corrientes encontramos cuatro circuitos turísticos: La Ruta de la Aventura, la Ruta de los Carnavales, la Ruta de los Jesuítas y la Ruta de los Ríos.


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Iberá Wetlands


Satellite View

The Iberá basin is a bird paradise because of the natural generosity of the surroundings and the diversity of the ecosystems, harboring more than 330 species…

Parque Nacional Mburucuyá


Satellite View

The park has around 150 species of birds, and many species of animal including capybara, caymen, foxes armadillos jaguars and brown howler monkeys. Endangered species include maned wolf neotropical river otter and marsh deer…

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Trogon Tours is the official nature travel company of Birding Argentina, the leading birding and nature specialists for southern South America since 2001… Birding Trips are available to ALL provinces!

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CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.

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Irupé Lodge


Irupé Lodge is named after a rare aquatic plant of the Iberá marshlands. The small Lodge run by a Swiss-Argentine couple offers room for 12 guests. It`s one of the few tourist Lodges in the village of Carlos Pellegrini with direct access to the lake Iberá. In the heart of Corrientes province and 1000 kilometres north of Buenos Aires you will find Esteros del Iberá, the great marshlands of Argentina. The nature reserve, founded in the year 1983, covers over 13,000 km2 of marshes, lakes and islands. In the year 2002 Esteros del Iberá was put on the list of reserves of fresh water systems by the Ramsar convention, especially because of the area’s unique biodiversity and the multitude of endangered plants, birds and wildlife.

Nandereta Inn


In the Northeastern part of Argentina, in the center of the region surrounded by the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers commonly known as The Argentine Mesopotamy, is located the Province of Corrientes, owner of one of the most exclusive wonders of nature and one of the few virgin ecological reservations on this planet: The Iberá Everglades. Iberá Everglades is a huge humid region with a surface area of 13.000 kilomiters sq., formed by everglades, morass, lagoons, rivulets, and in lower scale some places of firm soil…

Rincon del Socorro


Our estancia is an excellent place for birding. The estimated number of species identified in the Esteros del Ibera ecological system is nearly 400, including endangered species from the surrounding region that have found shelter here. Much to the surprise of several ornithologists, the nearly extinct yellow cardinal can be seen hopping around in the lettuces in our organic garden…