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Misiones is one of the 23 provinces of Argentina, [Misiones is the second smallest province after Tucumán] located in the northeastern corner of the country in the Mesopotamia region. It is surrounded by Paraguay to the northwest, Brazil to the north and east, and Corrientes Province of Argentina to the southwest. It is 1.600 km (1,000 m.) to the north of Buenos Aires.

The Misiones plateau includes a part of Brazil across the border. The rocks contain significant quantities of iron which forms a part of the soil, giving it a reddish color. At the center of the plateau rises the Sierra de Misiones, its highest peak, 843 m, near Bernardo de Irigoyen, in the Cerro Rincón.

The province is embraced by three big rivers including the Paraná, Uruguay and Iguazú. Iguazu Falls are spectacular waterfalls on the Iguazú River in the northwest corner of the province, near the city of Puerto Iguazú. Misiones shares the falls with the Brazilian state of Paraná (in that nation's Southern Region); the international border with Paraguay is close by.

The subtropical climate has no dry season, which makes Misiones one of the most humid provinces in Argentina. The vegetation is the so called 'Selva Misionera'. Part of it has been transformed by mankind to implant cultures and ranching. The original biome is protected in Iguazú National Park.

Close to Iguazú Airport and its surroundings is the Iguazú National Park. Just walk on its trails and paths and gorge yourself with the sighting of many a diferent bird as are the Toucans, Trogons and Hummingbirds. In the openings you can easily spot Black Vultures, Swallow-tailed Kites and Swifts. In the bordering bushes Plush-crested jays and Red-rumped Caciques are very common. Guira Cuckoos and Parrots fly everywhere and ground doves are abundant. Do not forget your camera as here are the world famous Iguazú Falls full of Neotropic Cormorants and Great Dusky Swifts.


Number of Species

Number of bird species: 588

As at July 2016

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Parque Nacional Iguazú


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The fauna of the park includes several endangered species: jaguar, jaguarundi, South American Tapir, Ocelot, tirica, anteater, pavas de monte, the Harpy Eagle, and the Yacare Caiman. One can also find birds like the vencejo de cascada and large toucans, mammals like the coatí, and a diversity of butterflies. The Vinaceous Amazon, named for its wine-colored plumage, is found in this park…

Reserva Natural Estricta San Antonio


Entre la fauna se destacan especies de aves asociadas al pino paraná, como el coludito de los pinos que recorre su follaje en busca de pequeños invertebrados, y el loro vinoso, catalogado en peligro de extinción a nivel internacional, que frecuenta el lugar en otoño para alimentarse de los piñónes. Otras aves que habitan los pinares en la Argentina son el atila castaño y el bailarín castaño. Entre los mamíferos se destaca el mono aullador rojo…

Reserva Yaguaroundí

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Yaguaroundí es un área natural ubicada en el Corredor Verde, la denominación que se le da a la selva paranaense argentina. Con aproximadamente 2000 hectáreas de tupida vegetación, arroyos y saltos de agua, Yaguaroundí busca, como objetivo principal, albergar una muestra representativa de selva para protegerla, y para proteger a las especies que moran en ella.

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Asetur Misiones

Tour Operator

A brand new organization system of tours to Misiones will be introduced soon. This sistem allows people to schedule a visit to the province according to their needs and preferences. ASETUR MISIONES is a local tourism that will offer the best prices in the market.We give professional advice to the tourist so they can visit Misiones as much as they want and we also schedule the tours according to the tourists preferences and needs. We provide people accomodation, tours to different places in the province and all the services that you may need during your trip. We can get the best price and you only have to see which are your priorities according to your budget.The birds that belong to the forest of the Iguazú National Park are the following: the magpie (a kind of bird); the huí-parrot (a species of parrot); the Martín Pescador (a kind of bird); the toucans, the thrushes, the woodpeckers, the herons, the teros, the swallows and the yacutinga (a kind of bird).

Toucan Birding Guides

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Birding in the Atlantic Forests of Misiones and beyond...

Trogon Tours

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Trogon Tours is the official nature travel company of Birding Argentina, the leading birding and nature specialists for southern South America since 2001… Birding Trips are available to ALL provinces!

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2016 [10 October] - Luis Segura

PDF Report

...The last part of the drive took us through the Central Hills of Misiones all the way to the small village of San Pedro, where we were going to spend the night. This part of the province is very interesting, it is here where the subtropical Paraná Rainforest still has good stocks of Brazilian Monkey Puzzle or Paraná Pine (Araucaria angustifolia), and it is home to a number of forest bird species not commonly seen in other parts of Argentina...

2016 [10 October] - Pablo Petracci

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...including Solitary Tinamou, Black-throated Trogon, Rufous-capped Motmot, Chestnut-eared Aracari, Spot-billed Toucanet, Sick´s Swift, Black-capped Foliage-gleaner, Whitethroated Woodcreeper, Spot-backed Antshrike, Plain Antvireo, Sibilant Syristes, Blue Manakin, Golden-crowned Warbler and Black-goggle Tanager....

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Establecimiento La Alegría


Establecimiento La Alegría is a wonderful new Lodge immersed in the heart of the Argentine subtropical paranaense rainforest, northeast Province of Misiones, within a multipurpose reserve, with a land extension of 30.000 hectares of private property. This is the mayor biodiversity region of the country, large rivers, clear water streams and cascades, red soil and bright green jungle, full of giant and ancient trees, peculiar endemic flora and a large presence of wild fauna…

Hotel tropical das Cataratas Hotel


This superior first class hotel is a true oasis in which to spend your vacations. You can get in touch with the magic of the forest and its infinite variety of flowers, tropical fruits and the most colorful birds and butterflies - more than you would ever imagine. All of the guest are comfortable and nicely equipped to give a feeling of relaxed luxury where guests can sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Yacutinga Lodge


An environmentally friendly Lodge and Private Wildlife Nature Reserve located in the heart of the Argentine Rainforest, surrounded by the Iguazú National Park…


Birding Misiones - Guy Cox


My aim in this space is to give birders an idea of the species you could expect to see any month of the year on a Tucai - Birding Misiones bird tour with guide Guy Cox….

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Photographer - Sergio Marcelo Allende


Site dedicated to bird photography in northeastern Argentina from Sergio Marcelo Allende…