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San Luis

White-Browed Blackbird
White-browed Blackbird Sturnella superciliaris ©James Lowen Website

San Luis is a province of Argentina located near the geographical center of the country (on the 32º South parallel). Neighboring provinces are, from the north clockwise, La Rioja, Córdoba, La Pampa, Mendoza and San Juan.

The province has low sierras in the north neighboring the Pampas, and another such system on the west with the Guayaguas, Cantanal, Quijadas and Alto Pencoso Sierras, typical of the Cuyo region. In the central and souther part of the province flatlands predominate, and, at the centre there is a depression that forms the Pampa de las Salinas great salt lake.

Even though the weather of the province is temperate to arid, there are numerous areas with milder microclimates, such as Villa de Merlo, where the land is fertile and the air less dry because the eastern slope retains the humidity of the Atlantic Ocean.

The main rivers of the province are the Conlara and Quinto, and the border rivers of Desaguadero River and Salado River.



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Number of bird species: 380

As at July 2016

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Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas


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Sierra de las Quijadas National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas) is a national park in Argentina, in San Luis Province. It was established in 1991…

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