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State of Sergipe

Black Jacobin
Black Jacobin Florisuga fusca ©Lee Dingain Website

The State of Sergipe, is the smallest state of Brazil. It is located at the North of the State of Bahia. If, you look, carefully, at its location at the map of Brazil, it will look much more like a district than a State itself since it looks much more like just a corner of the State of Bahia.

Below are some of its top attractions and websites to the reserves and many places to stay where birding is an option. We welcome a proper introduction to this page from someone who knows the area well.

The most preserved area of State of Sergipe is located in the South, near the border with the State of Bahia, being the best birding area for the entire State, located about 75 km/40 miles south of Aracajú, the Capital of Sergipe.

You may reach this area, either flying to Aracajú or driving from Bahia, on your way North (going to Murici, for example) or coming from the North, on your way to Bahia…

We strongly suggest to go to the county of Santa Luzia de Itanhi and from there take the dirt road to Crasto , which is a fishing village. Along the road you will find a nice forest patch, where you will have the chance of the Fringe-backed Fire-eye. Other birds seen in this area area are Red-shouldered Macaws, Golden-tailed Parrotlet, Blue-backed & White-bearded Manakins, Pale-bellied Tyrant-Manakin and White-fringed Antwren.

After, this forest patch you will reach a palm tree plantation, where you will have chances of Red-shouldered Macaw and Golden-capped Parakeet. Eventually, on the ponds along the road you will find Wattled Jacana and Brazilian Teal. If, you like shorebirds then check the area on the left side of Crasto. If, the tide is low, there you may find a few terns and shore birds.

For meal options the best option is the restaurant, located at the gateway of the town of Estancia. For accommodation, there are a couple of very basic options in Estancia. But, you may also take a 40-minute drive to the coast, where you can find some better options such Pousada do Padre.


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Number of Species

Number of bird species: 654

As at November 2016

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New local office opened in Aracajú… Aracajú has the only local office of a Birding Company: Boute Expeditions. That after 26 years running tours all over Brazil, specially, at the Pantanal. Is now with a very active branch office on the Brazilian Northeast. Offering trips, searching for the Endemics at the Caatinga , Atlantic Forest and the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha.

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