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United States of America

Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus ©Creative Commons

Birding The United States of America

The US is split into 48 contiguous states, Alaska and the Islands of Hawaii. Each have their own Fatbirder page. States are introduced by local residents.

Below are links that either cover the whole US or regions larger than a single state.

The recommended books also cover areas larger than a single state.

A number of birding organisations span the entire US - it makes sense for every birder to be a member of a national organisation, a state one and their own local club. Being a member of an Audubon or other society is not just about what it can do for you but, to misquote the late great JFK, it is also about what you can do for it, and through it, the welfare of birds everywhere.

Number of Species

Number of bird species: 1071 (Extant species)

As at June 2018

Number of bird species: National Bird

Bald Eagle Haliatus leucocephalus


Number of endemics: 15 Mainland Endemics

Carolina Chickadee Poecile carolinensis Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Leuconotopicus borealis Fish Crow Corvus ossifragus Seaside Sparrow Ammodramus maritimus Boat-Tailed Grackle Quiscalus major Salt-Marsh Sparrow Ammodramus caudacutus Yellow-Billed Magpie Pica nuttalli Bachman's Sparrow Peucaea aestivalis Greater Prairie Chicken Tympanuchus cupido Island Scrub Jay Aphelocoma insularis Lesser Prairie Chicken Tympanuchus pallidicinctus Florida Scrub Jay Aphelocoma coerulescens Black Rosy Finch Leucosticte atrata Gunnison Sage Grouse Centrocercus minimus Brown-Capped Rosy Finch Leucosticte australis

Number of endemics: 35 Hawaiian Endemics

Hawaiian Goose Branta sandvicensis Laysan Duck Anas laysanensis Hawaiian Duck Anas wyvilliana Hawaiian Hawk Buteo solitarius Kauai Elepaio Chasiempis sclateri Oahu Elepaio Chasiempis ibidis Hawaii Elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis Poo-uli Melanprosops phaeosoma Oahu Alauahio Paroreomyza maculata Maui Alauahio Paroreomyza montana Laysan Finch Telespiza cantans Nihoa Finch Telespiza ultima Palila Loxioides bailleui Ou Psittirostra psittacea Akikiki Oreomystis bairdi Anianiau Magumma parva Akekee Loxops caeruleirostris Hawaii Akepa Loxops coccineus Maui Akepa Loxops ochraceus Hawaii Creeper Manucerthia mana Hawaii Amakihi Chlorodrepanis virens Oahu Amakihi Chlorodrepanis flava Kauai Amakihi Chlorodrepanis Stejnegeri Kauai Nukupuu Hemignathus hanapepe Maui Nukupuu Hemignathus affinis Akiapolaau Hemignathus wilsoni Maui Parrotbill Pseudonestor xanthophrys Iiwi Vestiaria coccinea Apapane Himatione sanguinea Akohekohe Palmeriadolei Millerbird Acrocephalus familiaris Omao Myadestes obscurus Puaiohi Myadestes palmeri

The Hawaiian Petrel Pterodroma sandwichensis is only a breeding endemic and the Hawaiian Crow Corvus hawaiiensis is extinct in the wild.


iGoTerra Checklist

iGoTerra Checklist

Fatbirder Associate iGoTerra offers the most comprehensive and up to date birds lists on the web

ABA Checklist

WebBirder Checklist

This checklist covers the whole of the ABA area

Useful Reading

A Birder's Guide to Metropolitan Areas of North America

Edited by Paul Lehaman American Birding Association 2001

ISBN: 1878788159

Buy this book from NHBS.com

Birds of Prey of the East: A Field Guide

By Brian K Wheeler | Princeton University Press | 2018 | Paperback | 296 pages, 72 plates with colour illustrations; colour photos, 38 colour distribution maps |

ISBN: 9780691117065

Buy this book from NHBS.com

Birds of Prey of the West: A Field Guide

By Brian K Wheeler | Princeton University Press | 2018 | Paperback | 360 pages, 85 plates with colour illustrations; colour photos, 58 colour distribution maps |

ISBN: 9780691117188

Buy this book from NHBS.com

Peterson Field Guides: Eastern Birds

Roger Tory Peterson Hardcover - 384 pages (October 1998) Houghton Mifflin Co

ISBN: 0395911753

Buy this book from NHBS.com

Peterson Field Guides: Western Birds

Roger Tory Peterson Hardcover - 432 pages (December 1998) Houghton Mifflin Co

ISBN: 0395911745

Buy this book from NHBS.com

The North American Bird Guide

David Sibley.Hardcover (21 September, 2000) PICA PRESS
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 1873403984

Buy this book from NHBS.com

Useful Information

Birding Clubs - Over 275 Locations Nationwide

Birding clubs accross the USA and their locations - you can add your own club to the map…

The State of the Birds

Nearly 850 million acres of land and 3.5 million square miles of ocean in the U.S. are owned by the American people. These habitats are vital to more than 800 bird species in the U.S., 251 of which are federally threatened, endangered, or of conservation concern. More than 300 bird species have 50% or more of their U.S. distribution on public lands and waters. Public agencies therefore have a major influence on the success of conservation efforts to restore declining species and keep common birds common…


American Birding Association


North America's largest membership organisation for active birders - providing leadership to field birders by increasing their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding, and by contributing to bird conservation.

American Eagle Foundation


Dedicated to the preservation and protection of the bald eagle… the US of A`s symbol.

American Ornithologists' Union


Founded in 1883, the American Ornithologists' Union is the oldest and largest organisation in the New World devoted to the scientific study of birds. Although the A.O.U. primarily is a professional organisation, its membership of about 4,000 includes many amateurs dedicated to the advancement of ornithological science.

Association of Field Ornithologists


The Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) is a society of professional and amateur ornithologists dedicated to the scientific study and dissemination of information about birds in their natural habitats. Founded in 1922 as the New England Bird Banding Association, and shortly thereafter becoming the North-eastern Bird-Banding Association, AFO continues to be especially active in bird-banding and development of field techniques. Additionally, AFO encourages participation of amateurs in research, and emphasises conservation biology of birds.

Birding For All (Formerly Disabled Birders Association of America)


US Members and those wishing to join should mail through the international site…



BirdSource is a partnership between citizens and scientists. Designed and managed by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, BirdSource is an interactive website where the enthusiasm of birders is combined with state-of-the-art technology to promote conservation and environmental learning…

Cooper Ornithological Society

Facebook Page

The Cooper Ornithological Society`s Home Page. The Cooper Society was organised in 1894 by a small group of individuals interested in the study of birds and their environments. The name of the society commemorates an early California naturalist, Dr. James G. Cooper. Today, the society numbers about 3,000 professional and amateur ornithologists from around the world. One of the largest ornithological societies in the world, its primary goals are advancing the scientific study of birds as well as supporting their conservation. The society accomplishes these objectives through its meetings, its sponsorship of symposia and workshops, and its publications: The Condor, one of the premier ornithological journals in the world, and Studies in Avian Biology, a series which contains both monographs and proceedings of symposia of broad interest to avian biologists.

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology


A membership institution interpreting and conserving the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds…

Great Backyard Bird Count


The website for the annual Great Backyard Bird Count…

Hummingbird Research, Inc.


Hummingbird Research, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2009 by Fred Bassett to promote the conservation of hummingbirds through research and education. We continue the vision of Bob and Martha Sargent and the Hummer/Bird Study Group.

Inland Bird Banding Association


Inland Bird Banding Association was organized in 1922, in Chicago, Illinois, and in that same year began publishing the scientific work of its members. The organization has continued to grow since 1922 and now supports the largest membership of any bird banding association in America. Inland Bird Banding Association is an organization for all individuals interested in the serious study of birds, their life-history, ecology, and conservation…

Institute for Field Ornithology


The Institute for Field Ornithology (IFO) is operated by the American Birding Association, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, with the goal of teaching birders about birds in their natural habitat. Founded in 1983 by ABA Member Charles Duncan at the University of Maine at Machias, the IFO has become a recognized leader in ornithological education. The IFO has a proven track record of successful workshops in the United States and in other countries in the western hemisphere. IFO workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive look at bird biology, including life history, ecology, behavior, and field identification. Most workshops include an emphasis on field identification and the natural history and conservation of birds. Instructional time is split approximately equally between field and classroom sessions…

National Audubon Society


700 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9562. + 1 212 9793000 jwells@audubon.org

National Bird Collection


The Division of Birds, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, houses and maintains the third largest bird collection in the world with over 640,000 specimens…

National Bird-Feeding Society


We lead pell-mell lifestyles with such competition for our time that it`s easy for stress to take over. But watching the acrobatic antics of finches at your feeders provides a few moments of pure pleasure, guaranteed to refresh your day. I love the fun of bird feeding and want to find out more about attracting birds to my yard, wrote Anne Michaels from North Carolina. That`s what the National Bird-Feeding Society is about, helping people to further enjoy a hobby that is entertaining and educational.

National Wildlife Refuge Association


Since 1975, the NWRA has been the only organization dedicated exclusively to protecting, enhancing and expanding the National Wildlife Refuge System, lands and waters set aside by the american people to protect our country's diverse wildlife heritage. Over the years we have worked to make the Refuge System stronger and better able to address the growing challenges of conserving wildlife in our country…

Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservatory has really got its act together as far as the websites are concerned. The new house-style is clean, clear and very well presented and the photos used on each chapters page rangew from very good to outstanding. Most sites are comprehensive and well worth a visit by anyone thinking of birding the state concerned. Our Conservation Approach - The Nature Conservancy uses Conservation by Design as its framework for mission success. Our conservation approach includes: Setting priorities through ecoregional planning; Developing strategies to conserve both single and multiple conservation areas; Taking direct conservation action; and Measuring conservation success. The national site also has pages on its international work…

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center


The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center is composed of the Headquarters at Jamestown, North Dakota; Field Stations in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota; on- and off-site Library, Laboratory, Remote Sensing, GIS, Photo and Digital Imaging, Herbarium, and Experimental Pond facilities; and a study area located at Cottonwood Lake in North Dakota…

Pacific Seabird Group


Dedicated to the study and conservation of Pacific seabirds and their environment

Partners in Flight


Partners In Flight / Compañeros en Vuelo / Partenaires d`Envol was launched in 1990 in response to growing concerns about declines in the populations of many land bird species, and in order to emphasise the conservation of birds not covered by existing conservation initiatives. The initial focus was on species that breed in the Nearctic (North America) and winter in the Neotropics (Central and South America); but the focus has spread to include most landbirds and other species requiring terrestrial habitats.

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre


Unique in its exclusive focus on migratory birds and its combination of research, education and training, and policy work, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre is dedicated to fostering greater understanding, appreciation, and protection of the grand phenomenon of bird migration…

US Fish & Wildlife Service


Our mission is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

Waterbird Society


In 1999, the organization became The Waterbird Society to reflect an expanded interest in all aquatic birds. This society was created to establish better communication and coordination between the growing number of people studying and monitoring aquatic birds, and to contribute to the protection and management of stressed populations or habitats of these species…

Western Bird Banding Association


… to encourage and promote bird banding as a useful tool in the study of the biology and migration of western birds…

Western Field Ornithologists


WFO is an organisation committed to field-oriented descriptive ornithology, with appeal for both amateur and professional. The region of interest encompasses the Rocky Mountain and Pacific states and provinces, including Alaska and Hawaii, western Texas, north-western Mexico, and the north-eastern Pacific Ocean…

Wilson Society


The Wilson Ornithological Society, founded in 1888, is a world-wide organization of nearly 2500 people who share a curiosity about birds. Named in honor of Alexander Wilson, the Father of American Ornithology, the Society publishes a quarterly journal of ornithology, The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, and holds annual meetings…


Abbreviations Key

Abreviations on State Pages

BR = Biosphere Reserve
BiR = Bird Reserve
BS = Bird Sanctuary
CA = Conservation Area
EBA = Endemic Bird Area
ER = Ecological Reserve
IBA = Important Bird Area
IPP = Interprovincial Park
MBS = Migratory Bird Sanctuary
MP = Marine Park
MWR = Migratory Waterfowl Refuge
NA = Natural Area
NC = Nature Center
NF = National Forest
NP = National Park
NPR = National Park Preserve
NPr = Nature Preserve
NR = Nature Reserve
NS = Nature Sanctuary
NWA = National Wildlife Area
NWR = National Wildlife Refuge
PP = Provincial Park
RNP = Regional Nature Park
SNR = Strict Nature Reserve
SeNR = State Nature Reserve
SP = State Park
SeR = Seabird Reserve
SR = State Reserve
SWA = State Wildlife Area
SWMA = State Wildlife Management Area
SWR = State Wildlife Refuge
WA = Wildlife Area
WBR = World Biosphere Reserve
WMA = Wildlife Management Area
WRf = Wildlife Refuge
WRs = Wildlife Reserve
WP = Waterfowl Park
WiRv = Wilderness Reserve
WeRv = Wetland Reserve
WS = Wildlife Sanctuary
WeS = Wetland Sanctuary
WoS = Woodland Sanctuary

Forums & Mailing Lists


Mailing List

To subscribe to list: listserv@uafsysb.uark.edu

subscribe SEPART-L Your Name

Mailing List – Discussion Group - Neotropical migratory birds in southeastern U.S.

Guides & Tour Operators

Click on WAND for tours, guides, lodges and more…

Bird Treks

Tour Operator

Bird Treks has been providing small group and custom birding tours for over 20 years. Visit their website to see the incredible tours available, including Arizona, California, Maine, Minnesota, Texas, and more!

Trip Reports

Click on WAND for tours, guides, lodges and more…


Trip Report Repository

CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.

2007 [07 July] - David Bell - Texas, New Mexico, Arizona


July is a great time to bird these areas, but then again they are great at any time of year. 15 days isn't all that long, especially when you have that much ground to cover, and the trip was mostly to see as much as possible, not for any one species. For the trip, I used the "FalconGuide: Birding Texas", which covers all of Texas. I would recommend the ABA's Birding the LRGV though, it was sold out when we tried to order it. In Arizona, I used the "Birder's Guide to Southeastern Arizona", also from the ABA. Both were very useful for finding the birds, as well as www.birdingonthe.net for info on rarities. I've included the driving distances as usual. We ended up driving 1940 miles (3123 km) on one car, and 578 miles (931 km) on the other, for a total of 2518 miles (4054 km) driven, plus the 48 miles (77 km) we did in the taxi on the way to and from the airport. All flying distances are approximate, as we don't have access to an odometer (if planes even have them). The total flying distance was 3895 miles (6271 km)…

2016 [02 February] - Terry & Karen McEneaney - Pacific Northwest


...We ended the tour with 105 species of birds and nine species of mammals. We saw more than 120,000 individual birds, with more than 30,000 Snow Geese (in discrete flocks at four different locations) comprising the bulk of the birds seen. Other impressive bird numbers included the following estimates: 7,000+ Trumpeter Swans, 4,000 Tundra Swans, 20,000 American Wigeon, 8,000+ Surf Scoters; 20,000 Mallards, 14,000 Northern Pintails and Northern Shovelers, 300 Common Goldeneye, 300 Red-breasted Mergansers, 120 Red-throated Loons, 400-500 Bald Eagles, 50-80 Red-tailed Hawks, 15-20 Rough-legged Hawks, 5,000 Mew Gulls, 8,000 Ring-billed Gulls, 10,000 Glaucous-winged Gulls, 4,000 Dunlin, and a whopping four dozen plus Marbled Murrelets...

2016 [05 May] - Dylan Vasapoli - The Biggest Week in American Birding

PDF Report

2016 [05 May] - Jaap Westra - Birding Eastern North America

PDF Report

I had birded the USA three times before (Washington State, Florida and Arizona), but this time I decided to take my wife and two sons (13 and 10) with me. We started in New York then travelled through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York State to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and back.


Wings Over the Rockies Bird Festival


Wings Over the Rockies Bird Festival starts on the first Monday in May every year. It is a week of feasting for birders and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Join us for an fun and even educational guided paddles, hikes, presentations, etc.


Boom Chachalaca


Birding News, Highlights, Tips, and Photos for the American Birder. Cory Ritter and Lukas Musher started boom Chachalaca in November 2011 as a way to share birding experiences, tips and news with other birders, both beginners and experts, and to promote conservation…

Speed Birding


In 2007, I graduated from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and have been doing bird work ever since. I love to travel and I think I must have been a gypsy in my other life. I also write at www.nemesisbird.com…

Other Links

50 States.com


Lists all the state birds of the US with articles about many of them etc.

Bird Book Shop


…just what is says on the tin…



Birdwatching Dot Com is about wild birds and the sport of birding. It`s for everyone who is interested in birdwatching and enjoying nature. We hope you`ll find some good ideas here to help you have fun watching birds.



Calls itself the number one birdwatching website in the world… but is parochial being just about North America and, as we all know, Fat Birder is the Number One Site!

Bowman's Bird Stuff


Checklists, humour, photographs on this off-the-wall site

IBWFound Updates!


Bobby Harrison, Tim Gallagher and others searched and researched Ivory-bills for over 33 years, they are not going to give up now, even if others do. When Federal funding runs out, we'll still be there. There are so few Ivory-bills, so many acres…

National Audubon Society


The home of the National Society (equivalent to the UK’s RSPB) many links to the state and county level chapters of the society as well as a great deal of well presented information.



Ornithology.com is the premier site to begin a search for ornithological information. Its focus is the science of birds with emphasis on conservation and education. Although subjects and categories about birding are diversified, our environmental background and love for birds compels us to emphasize the main themes of Science, Research, Education and Conservation. We at ornithology.com are dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date, dynamic, and information-filled website about ornithology and all related subjects.

Seabirds NW Pacific


I have put together the favourite land based sea-watch sites along the Pacific Coast. I have tried to discuss not only the most productive site, but also sites with good access for watching from a vehicle or good cover. As often as not, some of the best weather for finding the best seabirds are on the days when walking to a lookout is least inviting.

Statistical Considerations in Monitoring Birds over Large Areas


The proper design of a monitoring effort depends primarily on the objectives desired, constrained by the resources available to conduct the work…



We're a group of birding friends from Britain and America who decided to team up on a joint Anglo-American website. Bringing the best birding articles from both sides of the Atlantic onto one website, we hope to have created something unique. We'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts, feedback or suggestions or wish to get involved in some way yourself.

Teaming with Life


Just as we are cheering our success in securing a place for many game animals and bringing a number of endangered species back from the brink, we also are encountering new losses of songbirds.

The Birds of North America Online


Access to the undoubtedly excellent site is, unfortunately, by annual subscription, currently $40 for individuals…

Virtual Birder


An on line magazine supported by advertising

Where to Look for the Birds of the Mississippi


The Mississippi River Fish and Wildlife Refuge was designated in 1924, well before the lock & dam system was developed for commercial shipping. As a result, we have a national wildlife treasure in relatively untouched river bottoms - a mecca for birds. Fred Lesher, a dedicated area birder, offers here some suggestions on where birds may be found along the Upper Mississippi River.



WildBirds.com can show you how to attract more birds to your yard. We can help you identify birds at your feeders. Explore. Click on any one of the ten sections listed to the left. The first two sections give tips on feeding and attracting wild birds. In the section called Protecting Wild Birds you will discover what to do with baby birds you find. You can also learn why that crazy bird keeps banging against your window each morning! Laugh at the latest bird jokes in Your Favourite Birds section. We also offer our recommendations for the very best birding books, feeders, binoculars and software. Click on the name of the book or product for more information.

Young Birders


Do birds fascinate you? Do you want to learn more about them? Do you want to meet other teenaged birders? Then ABA is for you! Some of the best young birders are already active in ABA, learning more about birds and helping with conservation.

Zoom Birds


A site for educating younger birders. Most birds can fly. Birds have a very strong heart and an efficient way of breathing - these are necessary for birds to fly. Birds also use a lot of energy while flying and need to eat a lot of food to power their flight.

Photographers & Artists

Artist - John James Audubon - Audubon Birds of America


We're happy to be able to provide images of 51 water colours of North American birds done by John James Audubon (1785-1851). You may browse the image list sorted by common name or by scientific name.

Photographer - Glenn Bartley


Brilliant photos of many US species

Photographer - William Burt


Bill specialises in rare and secretive birds and his photographs are not long-lens snaps but the result of years of patient stalking for close up shots that preserve the natural setting… amazing photographs Fatbirder

Webcam - Birdfeeder Camera


This wild bird food company (Wild Birds Unlimited) has no less than 36 cameras in action at feeders where you can access the images of the birds that come in almost real time.