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Tibet is consider, by the Republic of China, to be one of its provinces; Xizang - for a different perspective look at the Xizang page off the China page… www.fatbirder.com/links_geo/asia/china_xizang.html Also see that page for a fuller description of the geography etc. of the area. Most links to other relevant websites are posted on that page

Number of Species

Number of bird species: 561


Number of endemics: 1

Sillem's Mountain-Finch Leucosticte sillemi

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A Field Guide to the Birds of China

by John MacKinnon, Karen Phillipps and David Showler | OUP | 2000 | Paperback

ISBN: 0198549407

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A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia

Craig Robson Hardcover - 504 pages ( 1 February, 2000) New Holland Publishers (UK)

ISBN: 1843307464

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2013 [08 August] - Mark Beaman

Report PDF

…Tibetan Plateau specialities, including every plateau endemic apart from the effectively inaccessible Sillem’s Mountain Finch, even including Lord Derby’s Parakeet (not a Birdquest lifer but a species we have not seen for some years), not to mention the likes of Tibetan Eared Pheasant, Szechenyi’s Monal Partridge (or Buff-throated Partridge), Giant and Kozlov’s (or Tibetan) Babaxes, Prince Henri’s (or Brown-cheeked) Laughingthrush, Groundpecker (or Ground Tit), Kozlov’s (or Tibetan) Bunting, Roborovski’s (or Tibetan) Rosefinch and the strange Przevalski’s (or Pink-tailed) Finch, the sole member of its family…

2014 [10 October] - Jesper Hornskov

PDF Report

The mammals, the birds, the unbeatable scenery (at this time of the year in places still blanketed in wildflowers), an intriguing amalgam of local cultures, wonderful food, comfortable - from 'definitely OK' to 'surprisingly good' - accommodations & (not least) the companionship all came together to produce a trip the more memorable for the region - though in many ways an indisputable 'MUST' destination for anyone hooked on Palearctic and/or Asian mammals or birds - being so under-visited....

2016 [10 October] - Rich Lindie - Tibetan Plateau

PDF Report

... Indeed, we ended up spending our entire day there, seeing not only our main target - Ashy-throated Parrotbill, but also a great selection of other birds, including several we would not see again on the trip - Vinous-throated Parrotbills, Red-billed and Whitecheeked Starlings, a flock of Swhinhoe's Minivets, Blyth's Leaf Warblers, Oriental Magpie-Robins, countless White-browed Laughingthrushes, Taiga Flycatchers, Red-billed Leiothrix, Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler, Chinese Blackbird and Rufous-capped Babbler all putting in appearances. In between our sessions in the park, we also enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and several interesting encounters with park-going locals....

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