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Tibet is consider, by the Republic of China, to be one of its provinces; Xizang - for a different perspective look at the Xizang page off the China page… www.fatbirder.com/links_geo/asia/china_xizang.html Also see that page for a fuller description of the geography etc. of the area. Most links to other relevant websites are posted on that page

Number of Species

Number of bird species: 561


Number of endemics: 1

Sillem's Mountain-Finch Leucosticte sillemi

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A Field Guide to the Birds of China

by John MacKinnon, Karen Phillipps and David Showler | OUP | 2000 | Paperback

ISBN: 0198549407

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A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia

Craig Robson Hardcover - 504 pages ( 1 February, 2000) New Holland Publishers (UK)

ISBN: 1843307464

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Trip Report Repository

CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.

2005 [July] - Hannu Jannes


…Despite all my worries, everything went very well and our long journey through the breathtakingly beautiful highlands produced 201 species…

2005 [June] - George Wagner


The mystical land of Tibet holds many attractions to westerners. Many come to visit the monasteries, its people, and the stark landscape. In June of 2005, I went there to see the birds of the Tibetan plateau. Traditional Tibet is now split among four Chinese governmental provinces. This trip report covers birding areas I visited the two largest Tibetan provinces – Xizang and Qinghai. These two provinces constitute most of traditional Tibet and hold nearly all of the birds associated with the Tibetan Plateau…

2005 [June] - Mr. Tang Jun, Ms Dang Rong &Mr. Dong Xiaohe - SE of Qinghai/Tibet Plateau


I think this is probably the first birding report from this area by a local Chinese people. So it should be good to let the birders worldwide have more view of birds of this area from a Chinese viewpoint…

2006 [November] - Jesper Hornskov



2013 [August] - Mark Beaman

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…Tibetan Plateau specialities, including every plateau endemic apart from the effectively inaccessible Sillem’s Mountain Finch, even including Lord Derby’s Parakeet (not a Birdquest lifer but a species we have not seen for some years), not to mention the likes of Tibetan Eared Pheasant, Szechenyi’s Monal Partridge (or Buff-throated Partridge), Giant and Kozlov’s (or Tibetan) Babaxes, Prince Henri’s (or Brown-cheeked) Laughingthrush, Groundpecker (or Ground Tit), Kozlov’s (or Tibetan) Bunting, Roborovski’s (or Tibetan) Rosefinch and the strange Przevalski’s (or Pink-tailed) Finch, the sole member of its family…

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Checklist - Birds of Tibet


Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


There are 370 kinds of birds on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, of which, 30 are under top government protection…