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The new region of Normandie combines the previous regions of upper and lower Normandie. From the Carentan Marshes to Mont des Avaloirs( the highest point in Normandy); This region is characterised by its greenery. Traditional practices, such as coppicing and pollarding, ensure the sustainability of the forest systems; whilst the traditional orchards ensure an abundance of cider and calvados. Normandy also has extensive heaths and majestic, rugged cliffs - all ensuring the richest possible biodiversity.

The economy of Normandie is centred around agriculture, chemical and oil industry, although it makes millions through tourism.

Top Sites

Antifer Harbour

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(North of Le Havre/Seine-Maritime) is a good sea-watching spot.

Baie d'Orne

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(Salenelles to Ouistreham, North of Caen, Calvados) a nice place for wetlands and marinebirds, near the ferry's harbour.

Baie du Mont-St-Michel


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(SW, between Normandy and Brittany) & Baie de Seine (Le Havre) are the main sites (and extensive) for shorebirds and vagrants. The Baie du Mont St Michel is a wonderful birding place, almost anywhere will do - there is a first class visitor centre at Genets with a superb walk along the edge of the bay South from there, and the headlands at Bec d'Andain and Le Grouin either side of there. Then there are the marshy grasslands at the South end of the bay, North of Dol de Bretagne - go there in the autumn and winter especially.

Falaise de Carolles

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(South of Granville, Manche) regional (& national) spot for Passerines migration in autumn - among whom Tawny and Richard's Pipits, Ortolan Bunting, Finches, Larks…Baie du Mont-St-Michel (SW, between Normandy and Brittany) & Baie de Seine (Le Havre)are the main sites (and extensive) for shorebirds and vagrants.

Foret d'Ecouves

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Park at Carrefour de Rendez-vous and follow the forest trail. You will probably not see another soul. Black Woodpecker, Tree Pipits, and Hobby here.

Gatteville Lighthouse

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(East of Cherbourg/Manche) is a good seawatching spot.

Pays d'Auge & Marais de la Dives (East of Caen, Calvados)

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White Stork, Woodpeckers, Warblers… and a bastion for Red-Backed and Great Grey Shrikes.

Southern Normandy

Southern Normandy is good for all woodland birds, Creepers, Warblers, Hoopoe, RB-Shrike (around Alençon/Orne); Stone-Curlew (Val de Seine); Crested Lark (South of Evreux/Eure)…


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Averton, Mayenne



Peter Wells

Top Sites



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Useful Reading

Guide des Oiseaux de Normandie

by Bruno Dubrac, Serge Nicolle, & Herve Michel |Warbler (7 April 2003) | 213 Pages

ISBN: 9782913307025

Buy this book from NHBS.com


Centre de Sauvegarde de la Faune Sauvage et Musée de la Nature


The association CHENE has been working since 1980 for the respect and defense of wild fauna and flora.

Groupe Ornithologique Normand


Our association's main tasks are the study and protection of birds and their environments in Upper and Lower Normandy

Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseau Normandie


Our objectives: preserving ecological balances, ecosystems, biodiversity (fauna and flora in Normandy). Our activities: surveys, public events, training and development sessions, assistance with the creation of LPO Refuges, expertise, events in companies, schools, holding of stands, etc .


Abbreviations Key

Baie du Mont st Michel


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The Mont Saint-Michel Bay (French: Baie du mont Saint-Michel, Breton: Bae Menez-Mikael) is located between Brittany (to the south west) and the Normandy peninsula of Cotentin (to the south and east). The bay is part of the club of the world's most beautiful bays (fr) and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Due to the significant tidal movements in this region (over 10 meters) a large part of the bay is uncovered at low tide. There are two granitic islands in the bay: Tombelaine and the Mont Saint-Michel. Many birds and harbor seal live in this area.

Forums & Mailing Lists

Forum of the Ornithological Group Normand


Study and protection of birds and their habitats in Normandy

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Baie du Mont St Michel


We crossed by Seacat from Dover to head for Normandy and the Baie du Mont St Michel, which turned out to be a superb place, with two particularly fine interpretation centres. We had good views of a pale phase Arctic Skua on the crossing, and after an easy ride South, had a stop for lunch near to Yvetot . In some roadside woods just off the autoroute there were Nuthatch, Chiffchaff, and Great Spotted Woodpecker to admire.

Places to Stay

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La Basse Cour, Ancinnes, Pays de la Loire


This XVIII century Normandy farmhouse has three beautiful en-suite guest rooms (chambres d'hôtes) approved by Gîtes de France. The guest house is in a lovely setting by a lake, surrounded by wooded and planted gardens on the fringes of the Forest of Perseigne, straddling the Orne (Normandy) and Sarthe (Pays de Loire).

Normandy Farmhouse B&B


The house is situated on the edge of the small town of St-Sauveur-Le-Vicomte at the base of the ramparts of the old chateau, within easy walking distance of a restaurant and several bars, one of which is the Rideau Cramoisi - a quirky bar with good food and live music at the weekends. We are only 30 minutes drive from Cherbourg, 15 minutes from the sea and 10 minutes from walking/cycling paths and the forest paths and the forest

Photographers & Artists

Photographer - Christophe Doucet, Wildlife & Nature photographer


Passionate about nature and especially birds since a child, I discovered photography only in 2001. Between learning the technical and acquisition of my first camera, first images arrive in 2003…