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Lower Saxony

Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria ©Gerd Rossen Website

Lower Saxony has a lot to offer for nature lovers and birdwatchers. The state - comparatively unspoiled by development - offers appealing countryside between the Rivers Ems and Elbe, between the mountain summits of the Harz Mountains region and the maritime climate of the North Sea. Lower Saxony is committed to nature conservation: more than 20 per cent of the state's area has been designated as protected, with the mudflats of the Wadden Sea National Park taking in the entire North Sea coast, and the Harz National Park extending over the state border into Saxony-Anhalt. The Elbtalaue riverine woodland landscape enjoys protected status as a biosphere reserve. In between lie countless peat bogs, secluded areas of heathland and extensive tracts of mixed woodland. These are in part incorporated into 730 nature reserves, over 1,400 landscape protected areas and 12 wide ranging nature parks, the latter primarily serving recreational activities.


Useful Reading

Birdwatching in Southern Germany - The best birdwatching areas between the River Mosel and Mt. Watzmann

by Christoph Moning & Christian Wagner [V?gel beobachten in Sueddeutschland Die besten Beobachtungsgebiete zwischen Mosel und Watzmann Kosmos], Stuttgart 2005 - 200 colour photos and distribution maps, 288 pages - Price: 19,95 Euro (In German)

ISBN: 3440104451

Buy this book from NHBS.com

Useful Information

State Bird

Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria


Federation of German Avifaunists (Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten e.V. - DDA)


The Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten e.V. (DDA) is an umbrella organisation for all German avifaunists. The website contains a wealth of information about the DDA and its monitoring programmes. Here you will find advice and information on bird registration and recording projects, some initial results and completed publications, details of competent local contacts or up to date avifaunistic information and schedules.
(translation by David Conlin translations@david-conlin.de)

Göttingen Ornithologists’ Working Group


(In German only) This website presents not only the comprehensive tasks taken on by the working group and new developments in the bird world. It also is intended as a vehicle for nature conservation and species protection matters in the region and beyond. Keep checking regularly for updates!

Helgoland - Ornithologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft (OAG) Helgoland


The Ornithologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft (OAG) Helgoland e.V. (Heligoland Ornithological Work Group) was founded on 9th March 1991 with the aim of supporting research on birds on Heligoland. The number of the members has recently risen to over 500. The main task of the OAG is to publish the annual Bird Report for the island, in cooperation with the Institut für Vogelforschung Vogelwarte Helgoland. All OAG members receive a copy of the Report free of charge…

Lüchow-Dannenberg Avifaunstic Working Society


Wendland lies in the northeast of Lower Saxony and borders on Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. It has a diverse flora and fauna and it varied, mostly near-natural countryside, lies between the River Elbe valley in the north, the East Hanover moraine in the West and the Old Mark in the south…

NABU East Friesland


Masses of information on nature, environmental protection and birding. Organisation of regular excursions for local nature-lovers and visitors.

Trip Reports

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Trip Report Repository

CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.

2016 [11 November] - Wouter Teunissen & Menno van Duijn - Cranes in Diepholz


It’s Sunday the 13th of November and we are heading for Landkreis Diepholz, in Germany to witness one of the most marvellous scenes of bird migration: the Crane (Grus grus) migration. In the area of Diepholz there are several locations where Cranes roost. The birds use this area as a stop over on their way from the breeding grounds in northern Europe to their wintering grounds in France and Spain. Up to 83,000 birds visit the area for fattening up on leftovers of corn agriculture, arable weeds, acorns and small rodents to get enough energy to fly to Lac du Der or the cork oak woodlands in Spain.


Helgoland Bird Observatory - Institut für Vogelforschung


Satellite View

Bird research institute on the North Sea island…

Other Links

Birding Germany


Christoph Moning’s & Christian Wagner’s very detailed website (in German) with recommended birdwatching areas and species lists for Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hesse and the Wadden Sea.