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State of Palestine

Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus ©Nigel Blake Website

Palestine is a name which has been widely used since Roman times to refer to the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Other terms that have been used to refer to all or part of this area include Israel, "Greater Israel" (Hebrew Eretz Yisrael), Retenu (Ancient Egyptian) Southern Syria, Greater Syria, Arabistan, Canaan, and the Holy Land. In the broad geographical sense, Palestine refers to an area that includes contemporary Israel and the Palestinian territories, parts of Jordan, and parts of Lebanon and Syria. In the narrow sense, it refers to the area within the boundaries of the former British Mandate of Palestine (1920-1948) west of the Jordan River.

This page for Palestine refers to the State of Palestine proposed by the Palestinian National Authority.



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Number of Species

Number of bird species: 470

National Bird: Palestine Sunbird Cinnyris osea


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BirdLife Palestine


Wildlife Palestine (WLP) is an active and professional NGO working on the conservation of nature in Palestine…

Palestine Wildlife Society


Through the years Palestine Wildlife has proven dedication and effectiveness in raising environmental awareness throughout different Sections in the Palestinian territories…
Beit Sahour: Al baladia Street, P0 Box 89, Palestine. + 972 2 2773189 wiIdlife@palnet.com

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Birds of Palestine


The number of bird species found in Palestine today amounts to about 470. This is a very large and varied numbers compared with other countries, and especially so in view of the limited total land area of Palestine. There are three main reasons for the high number of bird species: a) Palestine is located on the main migration route to and from Africa of the birds of Europe and western Asia; b) Palestine has an abundant variety of environments, providing a range of habitats; c) Palestine stands at the crossroads of three continents and various climatic zones, and is the scene of interaction between three biogeographical regions…