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Wikipedia Endangered Species

…looking for help

Andy Mabbett known to some of you as the West Midland Bird Club's webmaster and one of its trustees, has been appointed Wikipedia Outreach Ambassador to ARKive, who have kindly agreed to donate an initial 200 article texts (note: not images or video, which remain the property of ARKive's partner organisations) about endangered species (including several birds) from their project, to] Wikipedia, under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, in order to raise awareness of those species.

ARKive is an initiative of the registered charity Wildscreen, which aims to promote the protection of threatened species using the emotive power of wildlife films and photographs.

Wikipedia are seeking volunteers to carry out two tasks: editing the donated text into existing Wikipedia articles (guidelines are on the project page); and translating the improved articles into some of the other 280-plus versions of Wikipedia in other languages. The articles improved to date, and ready for translation, are listed on a sub-section of the project page, under the heading "Work done"

If you can assist in this worthwhile endeavour, or know someone else who might - perhaps students who are learning the target language, or English, and need practice - please make yourself known on the project's discussion page on Wikipedia, or contact Andy at andy@pigsonthewing.org.uk or on Twitter as @pigsonthewing

4th July 2014