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No Airport At Cliffe - Latest News

…the RSPB is calling on the Department for Transport to rule out the option of a new airport at Cliffe…

No Airport At Cliffe - Latest News

On Monday, July 22nd or soon after, the newly formed Department for Transport will unveil the possible options for airport expansion in the South East with the publication of the South East and East of England Regional Air Services Study (SERAS) report.Informed sources suggest that the main options are likely to be a combination of airport expansion at existing sites (primarily Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted) or a new airport on the Isle of Grain, North Kent (an area loosely referred to as Cliffe). RSPB will campaign vigorously to call on the Government to rule out the Cliffe option.A new airport at Cliffe could extend over the South Thames Marshes from Cliffe in the west to Halstow in the east. This area has multiple nature conservation designations under UK and EU and international law, including Site for Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Protection Area (SPA), & Ramsar. It also holds RSPB nature reserves in three distinct units. The likely impact it would have on internationally important wildlife sites means that the proposal must follow a legally-defined process, looking for less damaging alternatives and proving that there is over-riding public interest. The RSPB does not believe that the Cliffe option can satisfy either of these criteria.Reacting to the rumours, the RSPB is calling on the Department for Transport to rule out the option of a new airport at Cliffe given its environmental quality and protected status.The new Secretary of State is going to have to take some early and politically brave decisions before he publishes the Aviation White Paper towards the end of this year. The RSPB is calling for clarity on the likelihood of a new airport as soon as possible.

4th July 2014