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Brazilian Conservation Corridor Project

Boa Nova added…

SAVE Brasil has launched the project Boa nova para a natureza for the implementation of the Serra da Ouricana ecological corridor, in Bahia, Brazil. The work is supported by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, through its Ecological Corridors Project, and the German Bank KFW.

'Boa nova para a natureza' means 'good news for nature', and Boa Nova is also the name of the main city in the project area. The region of Boa Nova, located in the Serra da Ouricana, south west Bahia, has a unique flora and fauna because of the overlap of two biomes: lush montane Atlantic Forest, and semi-arid caatinga. The dry deciduous forest of the transitional area, known as 'mata-de-cipó', is the habitat of two restricted range species, the Endangered Slender Antbird Rhopornis ardesiacus and Near Threatened Narrow-billed Antwren Formicivora iheringi. More than 350 bird species have been recorded at Boa Nova, ten of them globally threatened.

Despite its great biological richness, the region has been suffering intense pressure and large portions of forest have been destroyed. Firewood gathering is one of the main threats.SAVE Brasil has been working in Boa Nova since 2004 to ensure the effective preservation of its forests. With the Boa nova para a natureza project, SAVE Brasil will dedicate the next two-and-a-half years to implementing conservation activities and consolidating its efforts in the region.

Developed by SAVE Brasil in partnership with local stakeholders, including government bodies, civil society organisations and members of the community, the has three main lines of action:

1. To foster the registration of legal reserves, the recovery and preservation of areas of permanent protection (APPs) and the creation of Private Nature Reserves (RPPN)
2. To develop a pilot project on the creation of energy forests to reduce pressure on native tree species
3. To assess sustainable sources of income generation for the families who rely on firewood extraction.Boa nova para a natureza was launched in the municipality of Boa Nova, with subsequent launch events in the municipalities of Jequié and Poções, also in of the project area.

All events were attended by members of local government, NGOs such as the Grupo João de Barro and the Grupo Ecológico Rio das Contas (GERC), students and professors from the State University of South East Bahia (UESB), state government bodies such as the Institute of the Environment, the Secretary of the Environment and the Institute for Water and Climate Management, as well as people from local communities. Discussions on the main actions of the project, and challenges for the conservation of the Boa Nova region, were promoted in the three municipalities.

Edson Ribeiro Luiz, Field Officer of the Boa Nova Project, said: "Boa Nova para a Natureza will enable the sustainable use of rural properties in the region of Boa Nova, through the integration of agricultural practices with the conservation of the region’s biodiversity, including its great diversity of birds.”

4th July 2014