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Spring collection debut

…for Araripe mannequin!

At the launch of Maria Elvira Crosara’s Spring 2010 collection at Anunciação on Oscar Freire Street, São Paulo, the most celebrated street for luxury shopping in Brazil, the Araripe Manakin will take its place alongside the fashion mannequins.

The Critically Endangered Araripe Manakin Antilophia bokermanni is one of two bird designs, supplied by Barcelona-based Colombian artist Catalina Estrada, which feature in the collection. A percentage of sales of selected T-shirts featuring the manakin, and the Blue-crowned Motmot Momotus momota, will go to support the work of BirdLife Partner SAVE Brasil.

“This is our first cause-related marketing campaign and we are very excited about it”, said Priscila Napoli, SAVE Brasil’s Manager of Institutional Development. “As well as raising money, each garment will come with a tag describing the species, and another tag with information about SAVE Brasil, so this will raise awareness both about our work, and about the importance of Brazilian birds.”The collection will be launched on Thursday 10 September, during the event known as Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, a global Vogue initiative to celebrate fashion that will be held simultaneously in 14 cities around the world, including São Paulo.

The idea began with a visit to São Paulo by BirdLife’s Honorary President, Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado. “She went to the store and was enchanted by Anunciação clothes”, Priscila Napoli explained. “After the Princess’s visit, Maria Elvira Crosara decided to include Brazilian birds in her clothes. We sent her pictures of some colourful species. She was fascinated and on her own initiative decided to develop a collection to support our work.”

You can see Maria Elvira Crosara’s Spring 2010 collection, including clothes featuring the manakin and motmot designs, at http://www.anunciacao.com/

4th July 2014