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Give Birds their Christmas Box

Free BTO Leaflet

Spring might seem a long way off but some birds will soon be prospecting for nest sites. The British Trust for Ornithology is urging people to put up a new nest box now and, by doing so, increase the chances of it being used come the spring. The Garden Ecology Team has produced a new leaflet, providing expert advice on how to build a nest box, where to erect it and how to look after it.

While spring may seem a long way off, a number of bird species will already be prospecting for potential nest sites. House Sparrows, for example, return to their breeding colonies in late autumn, with the female bird often roosting within the nest site throughout the winter months. Other birds, such as Wrens and Blue Tits, may also use boxes for roosting, so getting a box in place now could prove really valuable.Vivienne Greenough, Nest Records Officer at the BTO, commented “This new leaflet is packed full of useful information about providing nest boxes for birds in your garden. Many species of bird will take readily to nest boxes and so this leaflet offers simple designs that can be tailored to each. The leaflet also shows you where best to place your nest boxes for the comfort and safety of their occupants; it explains how to look after the boxes so that they will remain in use for years to come. Few garden delights are as simple and yet fascinating as erecting a nest box and watching it become home to a family of birds; this leaflet shows you just how to achieve that .”

“A number of species of conservation concern, like House Sparrow, Spotted Flycatcher and Starling, make use of nest boxes and are likely to benefit from ones that are well-constructed and carefully positioned. Not only do we want people to erect new boxes, we also want them to take an interest in how these boxes are used. Nest monitoring is one of the key methods by which we can gather information about changes in breeding success and laying dates, factors that might be influenced by, for example, a changing climate.” said Mike Toms, Head of Garden Ecology at the BTO.

For your free Nest Box leaflet please call the BTO on 01842-750050, email gbw@bto.org or send an A5 SAE to Nest Box Leaflet, BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, IP24 2PU

4th July 2014