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Pelee gets competitive

First Annual Feather Muster

We are organizing the first (apparently) competitive bird species count in the Point Pelee area and are simply trying to get the word out … if this isnt appropriate to your forum kindly accept our apologies … thx, Stan Website Press Release

In cooperation with Point Pelee National Park, Essex Region Conservation Area, Wheatley Provincial Park, Friends of Point Pelee and TV Cogeco, we announce the FIRST ANNUAL FEATHER MUSTER, a 24-hour competitive bird species count to be held on May 15 thru 16.

See entry details on our website www.feathermuster.com

Come, have fun and support this great community event. Race for top place at the First Annual Feather Muster challenge. Join us on May 15 to 16, 2010 for this great event.

Bird spotters battle through a mud splashing, mad dashing competition to record the largest number of avian species. This is where citizen science really works and birders from everywhere can bond over the wonders of the spring migration.

Contestants to the competition may register online at www.feathermuster.com until May 13, 2010 or they may register by mail or in person at J Imaging Design, 30 Talbot St. E., N8H 1L2, Tel: 519 322 1044. The fee per person is $25.00.

Contestants will gather at Feather Muster’s starting gate at Hillman Marsh Educational Building from 10:30. Tickets also available at the gate. Teams from 2 to 6 will be supplied with a “BIRDING BIBLE” containing a map of the count area boundary, a tick-box bird species list, rules and general information, along with an identifying lanyard. Refreshments will be available. At 12:00 noon sharp on May 15, 2010, the count will start.

The birding teams immediately set out to spot and record every species of bird within their vision. The teams scramble at their own pace using whatever means of conveyance they are comfortable with, be it, cars, bicycles, hiking boots, we only ask that the count is conducted as safely as possible. Teams can spot and count as long as their stamina lasts, late into the night and as early as they feel they can crawl out of bed the next morning. The count lasts for 24 hours. All contestants must cross the finish line at Pelee Island Winery, Kingsville on or before 12:00 noon on Sunday, May 16, 2010.

Refreshments will be available for all contestants while the tallies are recorded and the winners prizes awarded. This FIRST ANNUAL FEATHER MUSTER is supported by, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hillman Marsh, Point Pelee National Park, Wheatley Provincial Park and Friends of Point Pelee. This event will be covered by TVCogeco to be aired at a later date. Don’t miss out on this fun event, it’s a must!

4th July 2014