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BirdLife Europe’s First Annual Report

…celebrates main successes

BirdLife's European Division presents its first Annual Report, covering the main achievements and successes of 2009. 

"Through its pages, you will see how a small Secretariat and a big Partnership of grassroots conservation NGOs have been able to achieve significant results in the struggle for biodiversity and healthy ecosystems", remarked Angelo Caserta, Regional Director of the BirdLife European Division. 
"You will learn more about our conservation work on the ground, aiming to save species and habitats, and our policy successes to safeguard the EU environmental legislation", Dr Caserta continued.

Since 1996, BirdLife has been a key partner of the European Commission and of other international organisations in developing, monitoring and implementing Species Action Plans for threatened birds, which describe in detail the reasons why a species is threatened and what needs to be done to save it.In 2009, BirdLife produced Species Action plans for Red Kite Milvus milvus, Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus, Semi-collared Flycatcher Ficedula semitorquata and ones for Azores Bullfinch Pyrrhula murina, Red-breasted Goose Branta ruficollis and Great Bustard Otis tarda were revised with the latest information on their populations status following conservation work on them. 
Shaping public policy through high-profile advocacy and the translation of solid science into viable solutions are two of BirdLife’s key strengths. As the leading voice for biodiversity on the EU policy scene, we continued in 2009 our work for proper implementation of the EU nature legislation.

The EU Birds Directive, which the BirdLife Partnership has been key contributors to, celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.

At a BirdLife event to mark the Birds Directive anniversary the European Commissioner for the Environment said that "the Birds Directive is one of the great success stories of the EU environment policy".In BirdLife International we reach out to millions of Europeans, and re-connect them with the wonders of nature. Communication, both internally within the Partnership and externally to stakeholders, plays a pivotal role in the successful development of BirdLife as a respected and acknowledged NGO network in the EU scene but also in the whole of Europe.

"We know that a lot still needs to be done. We have to double our efforts if we are to create a general consensus that biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are a necessity for a sustainable future and to pass from consensus to action", concluded Angelo Caserta.

Saving biodiversity and people, protecting endangered birds species, their sites and their habitats would not be possible without you. Any contribution, whatever size, makes a real difference. By making a donation you directly support BirdLife's work on the ground to save biodiversity for the next generation.
For more information, please contact Maria Solernou, Funding Development Manager for Europe, at maria.solernou[at]birdlife.org

Download the Annual Report here: http://www.birdlife.org/eu/pdfs/annual_report_2009.pdf

4th July 2014