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Ubatuba Birdwatching

…new centre opens!

The Ubatuba Birdwatching Centre opened its doors for the first time last October. Since then an awful lot of water has flowed under the bridge, a lot of behind the scenes work has been carried out, and now, finally we are able to proudly announce that the new Ubatuba Birdwatching Centre will be open for business from Monday the 25th of October.

We have feeders and are able to supply visitors with light refreshments. The main reason for visiting the centre however is information. The professionally run team is available to help with details on where to find birds in Ubatuba, the latest information that we have available about the whereabouts of such sought after specialities as the Buff-throated Purpletuft, Spotted Bamboowren and Fork-tailed Tody Tyrant for example.

The extensive library has been enlarged due to the generous assistance of many donors, in particular A&C Black in the UK, and is available for use by visitors.

For the best, most informed advice available in English and in Portuguese, visit the new and improved Ubatuba Birdwatching Centre the next time you are in town.

Of course we remain available via the e-mail for those wishing to gather information in the planning stage of their trip, we can offer advice on where to stay, what to bring and when to come. We will also be continuing our conservation and education programmes and hope that you will support us with your presence at the centre.

For further details contact info@ubwc.info or see the links on the Brazil & Sao Paulo pages…

We are here for the birds, and the birds are here for you!

4th July 2014