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BirdLife Fundraiser

Southern Africa Big Year

Niall Perrins gets off to a roaring start on his southern African BIG YEAR – please help him raise funds for Birdlife South Africa

This year, Niall Perrins http://www.niall.co.za is attempting to see more than 800 birds south of the Zambezi and Kunene Rivers in southern Africa – in the 7 countries covered by the region’s field guides. He is attempting to beat the world record and to get comfortably over the 800 mark for the year. Few people have ever managed to crack the 800 number in a single year – legendary African birder Ian Sinclair being one of the few people to have actually cracked it. Lisl van Deventer got over 750 birds in 2010 – she was only targeting 650 – and that is certainly one of the highest scores to date, apart from Ian’s of course. On New Year’s Eve, Niall had already positioned himself well, in Central Mozambique, to start his exploits. By 11 January this year, Niall already celebrated a total of 328 birds, high up on Mount Gorongosa in Mozambique, with sightings of GREEN-HEADED ORIOLE lurking in the forest near the top of the mountain. Niall’s list so far also includes the likes of LESSER SEEDCRACKER, AFRICAN HOBBY, SPECKLE-THROATED WOODPECKER and many other mouth-watering birds. Now it’s a matter of beginning to target the Namibian, Zimbabwean, Drakensberg and Cape specials and endemics.

Niall is doing this not only for fun, but also to raise awareness of birding, as well as to directly raise funds for bird conservation in South Africa. Please seriously consider donating a small amount per bird – which will go directly to Birdlife South Africa conservation projects. Please e-mail Niall at Niall@kitech.co.za

Please also see http://globalbirdtrekkers.org/component/option,com_agora/Itemid,/task,viewtopic/pid,81436/

4th July 2014