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Twitching for Charity

Get involved…

After the huge success of last year’s Big Twitch, the bird-watching team are back with plans for an even bigger and better challenge to raise money for this year’s Charity of the Year, The Children’s Trust.

This year, the Big Twitch is widening the search for Britain’s birds across the south of England, with three teams heading off to twitch in the South West, Dorset, Surrey and Hampshire. The teams hope to spot even more species than last year’s total of 103, and, to add to the spirit of competition, will be challenging local bird-watching groups in each region to see who can spot the most species throughout the weekend. Our teams will have a helping hand though, with Swarovski kindly agreeing to loan them some of their high-end bird-spotting equipment for the challenge!

The team are also hoping to get some of the Children’s Trust children involved in the twitch, and will be holding sessions with them in the run up to the main event to tell them more about their plans, and play some bird-related games. If you would like to get involved with the Big Twitch, please contact Seth Wainwright or Bjorn Blanchard. Volunteers are needed to support the team across the board – from becoming a member of the twitching team, to fundraising and merchandising, or even making sandwiches for the twitchers on the day!

Last year’s Big Twitch raised over £6,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society, but this year the twitchers hope to go even further, and aim to raise £10,000 for The Children’s Trust – roughly the amount that it takes to pay for an assessment for a child with a brain injury over five and a half days, in order to provide rehabilitation.

To donate to the twitchers’ cause, visit their website and follow the links or contact Seth at: mailto:thebigtwitch@gmx.co.uk Please give generously!

For all those interested in finding out how the team are getting on in the run up to the twitch, you can follow their progress on their blog: http://www.thebiggertwitch.blogspot.com

4th July 2014