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All Smiles and No Teeth!

RSPB Slams the European Policy to Halt Wildlife Loss

All smiles but no teeth, that’s the RSPB’s view of the EC’s latest strategy to halt wildlife loss within ten years.

Reacting to the Commission’s statement, Dr Tim Stowe – the RSPB’s International Director - said: “Europe’s wildlife loss is a crisis with species declines running at unparalleled rates. The European Commission recognises this, but its response today lacks ambition and we believe is not sufficient to reach the target.

Europe must immediately deliver reform of the policies that are pushing the continent’s wildlife towards extinction, otherwise Europe’s wildlife tapestry will become increasingly threadbare. Sectors like agriculture and fisheries are driving declines and, without reform, the situation will deteriorate. Fine words are not enough, they must be backed up by actions.”Despite the EU’s CAP forcing farmers to overuse the land, the RSPB is working with farmers across Britain, to reverse the declines of corncrake, cirl bunting and stone-curlew through simple measures which reward farmers to protect wildlife for future generations.

An estimated 200,000 seabirds are dying each year at the hands of Europe’s fishing industry. These casualties include the Critically Endangered Balearic Shearwater, which is accidentally caught in longline fisheries.

Dr Tim Stowe added: “The EU has committed itself not only to halt the loss of biodiversity in Europe by 2020, but also to restore our amazing wildlife to its former glory. This pledge helped to secure similarly ambitious commitments in October last year from the other countries that have signed up to the Convention on Biodiversity. Europe must deliver on this promise if it is to save its biodiversity, and maintain its credibility in international negotiations.”

The RSPB is the UK partner of BirdLife International.

4th July 2014