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Raising Awareness

…for a (not-quite) Endangered Bird

Timothy R. Barksdale of Birdman Productions is seeking the help of birders all over the world to help him make a film highlighting the plight of the Prairie Chicken: He is trying to raise money for the project through 'Kickstarter', which is a new concept on how to fund unique projects. See: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/373637127/battle-on-the-booming-groundsThis project is a one hour film intended for public broadcast and film festivals to begin a dialog on the fate of the Tallgrass Prairie and a bird we have identified as our hero; The Greater Prairie Chicken. This squat - no- dumpy, 2-pound bird saved the Pilgrim Fathers but is now greatly reduced in numbers. When do we as humans begin to act? Why do we wait until the last minute?

This film examines in detail the history and biology of this bird and our contact with it both beneficial and detrimental. We see kids react to their first encounter with this bird, and then take a look at average people that we ask some very simple questions to. Noted Biologists, farmers and ranchers are also interviewed as we take a look at how our society operates in a world we too often think that we are independent of.

Everything is coming to a head in Kansas where a strong hold once existed, but is now in jeopardy. Can cellulose biofuels play a role in saving prairie and it's diversity? How would that effect the dwindling prairie species? We plant the seed of this question and offer this as an example of hope for change in agriculture. However, if agriculture is truly a service industry, the power lies in choices made consciously by consumers in every convenience or grocery store and restaurant in America not just fast food. So, What do we want? Birds and food I suspect.

In the 3 days since they launched the idea, they have raised over $1,000 - take a look at the website to see if you want to do your bit!

4th July 2014