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Birdwatch for Cliffe

?Saturday 28 September

You are probably aware that internationally-important wildlife sites near Cliffe in North Kent are being considered by the Government as the site for a major new airport. If it were to go ahead, it would destroy wintering, passage and breeding grounds for 155,000 waders and wildfowl, and obliterate the UK`s largest heronry complete with breeding little egrets. By destroying huge areas that are protected under almost every national and international wildlife law, the implications are even wider - it would mean that the protection of your local - and every - bird and wildlife site in the UK would be effectively weakened and all our wildlife more vulnerable for it.Please help the RSPB`s NoAirportAtCliffe Campaign, and show that our wildlife - and wildlife laws - cannot be trashed in this way. One thing you can do is dedicate Saturday 28 September`s birdwatching to the Campaign. On that day, birdwatchers are invited to dedicate all records rung in to the national and regional birdlines and bird pager companies to the campaign, generating national media coverage with the message The UK is already an airport - for birds. Please also send an email to noairportatcliffe@rspb.org.uk to register your day`s birdwatching protest.Birders are the best networkers in the country, so please forward this Birdwatch for Cliffe message to all your birding friends, chat groups and other forums.

Use the NoAirport email address as well to find out how to take part in other aspects of the campaign, or log in to the updated NoAirport@Cliffe web pages linked straight from the homepage of www.rspb.org.uk And thank you for your support.

Perry HainesNoAirportAtCliffe Campaign Co-ordinatorThe RSPB believes that, before building new runways anywhere, the Government should first reduce the growth in demand, improve the efficiency of existing airports and flight operations, and only then consider options for new or expanded airports.

4th July 2014