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Ulcinj Salina Preserved

Great Victory for Montenegrin Biodiversity

The months of intensive advocacy work from the Center for Protection and Research of birds of Montenegro (CZIP) and the support from the biggest international centers of nature conservation (BirdLife International , BirdLife Europe, the Secretariats of the Bern and Ramsar Convention, the European Commission, Euronatur and other conservation organisations from Montenegro and abroad) have finally paid off: the Montenegrin Government has decided to refuse a Salt Factory covering 15 square kilometers in the Ulcinj Salina area permission to convert the saltworks, which are one of the most important salty wetlands in the Mediterranean zone, into a tourist attraction with hotels and golf courses.

Moreover, the Government has also decided to grant the Ulcinj Salina area, already internationally recognized for its natural richness (as an Important Bird Area, Emerald Site, and potential Ramsar and Natura 2000 site), the appropriate status of protected area and natural heritage it fully deserves.

This is a significant victory for nature conservation, not only for Montenegro, but also at global level, considering that the Ulcinj Salina area, with its 250 registered bird species, represents the main nesting, wintering, and roosting site for birds passing along the migration route along the eastern coast on the Adriatic Sea.

For more information, please contact Bjanka Prakljacic, Coordinator of programme activities at the Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro (CZIP) bjanka.czip@t-com.me

4th July 2014