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Sherwood Forest Center Parcs

Helping Woodland Birds

Bird watching, nature walks and other conservation-related activities, including bird-hide building, have proved popular in all of the Center Parcs villages, including Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.

Steps have been taken there recently to provide and nurture habitats suitable for several scarce or declining bird species including:

• 50 tonnes of Norfolk Reed has been planted in selected waterways in the area.
• Rangers are hoping this will attract Reed Warblers and Sedge Warblers within 2 years.
• If the reed beds evolve and expand successfully, it is hoped that other highly treasured species may nest, including Bearded Tits and Bitterns.
• The planting of native fruit tree orchards with Apple, Cherry and Plum, has been carried out to provide suitable habitats for Bullfinches and winter thrushes.
• Hedgerows have been planted to try and replicate this country’s native and ancient hedgerows - so many of which have disappeared though urban expansion and past farming practice. This targets species such as Linnet, Yellow Hammer and warblers
• The corner of the Golf Driving Range has been used to sow a flower meadow, another habitat that will help to feed bees, butterflies and other insects and insectivorous birds Center Parcs are committed to supporting conservation and habitat protection. The hard work undertaken in developing suitable habitats like these will help to expand numbers of existing resident and visitor species and, over time, attract back more bird species to the Sherwood Forest area.

In response to customer enthusiasm and online discussions, the Center Parcs’ team of rangers has designed a bird spotting infographic detailing the various species that can be seen on site. It contains information on their appearance, voices and diet and even documents several scarce and much treasured birds, which can be found there.

The infographic can be seen at: http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/discover/news/woodland_birds.jsp

Fatbirder was pleased to hear that Center Parcs have taken conservation seriously along with information likely to inspire some of their young visitors.

4th July 2014