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Save Lagoa dos Salgados

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The Portuguese Government has just given the go-ahead for the majority of Lagoa dos Salgados (887 acres) to be ‘developed’. By developed they mean ‘to be concreted over’ and thus lost to the wildlife that finds this a vital nesting and migration sanctuary. Any development near this important area will have a hugely detrimental impact on the wildlife that uses it and will be lost for the enjoyment of future generations. It will never come back – it will be gone for ever and so will many of the birds!


Currently, some of the species of birds that can be found at the site include Grebes, Gulls, Little Terns, Coots, Flamingos, the rare Purple Gallinule, Black Terns, Peregrines, Black-winged Kites, and Collared Pratincole, amongst many other wild life species.

“All of which will lose their homes or be killed due to the development,” said Frank McClintock, a keen birdwatcher. 

There is now a petition to stop the development and if it reaches 40,000 signatures the issue will be raised in Portuguese Parliament and there will be a good chance of stopping it

Please sign the petition and if possible share the petition by emailing your friends and colleagues and share it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts: 


4th July 2014