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Partridge Pigeon Peril

Darwin River Works Threat Petition

Partridge Pigeon is one of those birds that birdwatchers travel to the Top End to see. This red-faced cutie used to be found across the Top End, but is now restricted to a very few areas; it has declined by 30% in monitored sites within Kakadu National Park. A major cause appears to be exotic grasses that result in intense fires that cause habitat destruction. No studies have been carried out on this bird since the early 2000s. Then its IUCN status was 'vulnerable’.

Darwin River (and nearby areas), Northern Territory, appears to have a healthy population of Partridge Pigeon, possibly because most landholders control weeds and fire. But a 600-110 man "workers' village/caravan park" is proposed for Darwin River, carrying a greatly enhanced risk of more habitat destruction.

This bird's very existence may now be endangered. An EIS and further biological survey is needed urgently to establish this bird's status.

A petition has been launched in regard to the Partridge Pigeon threat, calling for an EIS before a large workers’ village is built… birdwatchers around the world are signing it - please log in and help: http://www.change.org/petitions/northern-territory-government-conduct-eis-on-partridge-pigeon-in-the-vicinity-of-berry-springs-darwin-river

4th July 2014