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Operation To Help Lapwings Recover

UK Farmers urged to throw a lifeline to lapwings…

Farmers in eastern England are being urged by the RSPB to learn more about afive-point rescue plan to save one of Britain`s most charismatic farmland birds. Operation Lapwing aims to halt the decline in lapwing populations and help them recover across the county. Though still common as a wintering bird, a BTO co-ordinated survey in 1998 estimated that there were 2,977 pairs of lapwings in East Anglia - a loss of half its breeding pairs in the previous 11 years.To request an Operation Lapwing information pack, farmers are invited to ring the RSPB regional office on 01603 661662 or the RSPB 24 hour Hotlinenumber 01603 697527 leaving their name and address. The pack has information to help farmers plan to encourage nesting lapwings next spring.RSPB conservation officer, Rob Lucking said: Lapwings are a popular sight in the countryside and we hope farmers will adopt our simple plan to help them breed successfully. Lapwings need sparse vegetation, vital for nesting, plus a good supply of earthworms and insects for parent birds andtheir chicks.There is also the opportunity for farmers to take part in a Lapwing Champion Competition. Winners will have the chance to promote their conservationwork for lapwings.

4th July 2014