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WebBirder Updates

…new features always being added

WebBirder was released the first of September, 2014 and already has over 2,500 people visiting from 110 countries.

The most popular features are checklists and birding sites. WebBirder has close to 800 checklists covering every area of the world. Checklists can be integrated with your sightings to generate various ‘hit lists’. So far Australia and the Canary Islands are the most often viewed checklists.

WebBirder has comprehensive birding sites for all of North America, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and much more. A unique feature that WebBirder offers is the ranking of each birding site. You can quickly see the best birding sites for your target location. Florida, United States and Australia, especially Western Australia are the most often viewed birding sites to date.

WebBirder has state of the art listing features, including full eBird support. You can import sightings into, or export sightings from, eBird. One user recently moved over 19,000 eBird sightings into WebBirder, in seconds. Why would someone want to do this? Because WebBirder offers listing features not found in any other birding application. Want to compare your sightings for a particular location year over year, or quarter over quarter, month over month or even week over week? WebBirder can do it.

Ever wonder what birds have recently been seen in a particular area of the world? Would you like to know if a South Polar Skua Skua has been seen in Britain, and where? Curious about what rarities have been seen in Honduras?

WebBirder is the place to find out.

WebBirder is an on line system that doesn’t need any particular platform, unlike apps. What is more WebBirder is always adding new features and when they go live they are instantly accessible… no tricky updates to buy and apply. Best of all the basic version is FREE!



12th November 2014