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The Chris Mead Memorial Fund

BTO & the Mead family announce a fitting tributeā€¦

Chris worked tirelessly for the BTO for over forty years - within the ringing unit, as an ambassador and latterly the press consultant. To commemorate his contribution to the Trust, they announced today that they will develop The Chris Mead Library at the Nunnery [the BTO HQ] and hold a dedication ceremony on Monday 5 May 2003. To do this they need help.There have been many suggestions as how best to celebrate the life of Chris Mead and the BTO hope that his friends and colleagues will find the following plans fitting.The Chris Mead Library

Family and friends have been amazed by the spontaneous out-pouring of warmth, following Chris`s death. There have been many ideas, especially within birding chat-rooms, of how to mark this moment. It seems fitting to make his memorial a permanent one, which is why they have decided to use contributions, from those who will miss him, to develop the BTO library, and rename it The Chris Mead Library. After all, now that birders and press contacts do not have Chris at the end of a telephone or e-mail, more of us are going to need the library! It was said that something useful could be achieved with ?10,000 and that ?500,000 would finish the Nunnery conversion. Everyone involved is sure that Chris would have approved.The BTO library, which is used by members, staff and visiting researchers, is currently housed in the Chapel of the old Nunnery. This is the part of BTO HQ which was not completed in 1991, when money ran out. The library only has background heating, there is precious little space in which to work, insufficient shelf space and a wall at one end that is made of polythene and batons. With the help of the Chris Mead Memorial Fund they hope to deal with many of these problems and to provide better, modern library services too. This is a chance not just to mark the life of Chris Mead but also to build for the future. Everyone agrees that this is a fundraising opportunity that Chris would not have let go by - he had a way of opening wallets as well as hearts! Let`s do him proud!Donations can be made on the BTO web-site, by phone (01842 750050) or by cheque made payable to BTO, sent to CMMF, BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU.Memorial Day

The BTO want to celebrate Chris`s life and hope that the Memorial Day on 5 May will be a happy occasion. It will be a time to remember Chris`s contribution to ornithology, to the BTO and to the lives of his friends and family. There will be a brief dedication ceremony and some planned speeches but people are being encouraged to share their memories in a more informal way too. There is not yet a full timetable but the outline plan is forthere to be a picture-board to which it is hoped that visitors will add photographs of Chris, a display of the results of his ornithological research and an opportunity to learn more about the breadth of his work for the BTO and birds in general. It is expected that many of his friends will wish to join together for this specialcelebration. To help us with planning, please write for free tickets to CMMF, BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU. You will also be sent details of the event, which will probably start at noon.Much of the above was announced by Harriet Mead (for the family) and Graham Appleton (for the BTO)

4th July 2014