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European Ornithological Conference

Saxony will host the 4th European Ornithological Conference in August

The 4th European Ornithological Conference will be held in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany from 16th ? 21st August 2003; hosted and organised by the Saxony Ornithological Association (Verein S?chsischer Ornithologen e.V.)Between 400 ? 500 birders and professional ornithologists are expected to attend the 4th European Ornithological Conference in Chemnitz, Saxony, which is close to the German-Czech border in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge). Almost every European country will be represented and guests from overseas, including the Far East, will also be present. Leading ornithologists from Europe and beyond will take part in the high quality plenary sessions and attractive seminars, such as the 4th International Shrike Symposium, will take place in parallel throughout the 4 day conference [full details and regular news updates at http://www.eou.at/confr2003.html The conference sessions will be held in the Technical University ? see http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/index-e.html The local patron of this year`s EOU conference is the Lord Mayor of Chemnitz, Dr. Peter Seifert.To conclude this first EOU conference hosted by Germany an excursion day offering a variety of local birding tours is being arranged. These include visits to the Saxon and Bohemian Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge); the fascinating rock formations of Elbe Sandstone Hills; pond complexes in Dresden, Riesa and the Upper Lausitz (reclaimed opencast mining area) and a nature reserve.At the end of the day a 5 hour steamship cruise on the River Elbe with buffet dinner will give time for networking, relaxed professional and personal discussion suitably rounding off a hopefully busy and successful conference. Participants can, for the first time, register exclusively online for attendance at the conference and for booking of accommodation in Chemnitz. The online registration is now available under http://www.vso-internet.de - click on EOU 2003 on link bar bottom left. Here you can register (with ticket printout on your own computer for credit card bookings) and book accommodation in a selection of Chemnitz hotels, B & B and Youth Hostel in the city. For more information on the town see http://www.chemnitz.de/ The booking system, developed for large sporting events in the USA, has been in use in Saxony for several years but is probably a world first for an ornithological congress. The ticket, printed out on your home computer, will simplify reception and conference attendance procedures. The organisers of the conference, the Saxony Ornithological Association (Verein S?chsischer Ornithologen e.V.), are pleased to be able to offer a very reasonable all-in conference package (including excursion day and River Elbe dinner). The prices compare more than favourably with those at previous EOU conferences and other European congresses. In addition the basic daily Bed & Breakfast offer per head of 14.50 Euro must be unbeatable (Some 300 beds available at this price). It is hoped that this will open the way for the participation of many more East European ornithologists in the conference ? and in the EOU!The conference language is English.

We hope to welcome a large number of birders from across Europe ? and beyond - to Chemnitz from 16th ? 21st August 2003 says David Conlin founder of Proact and a member of the conference translation team queries_eou_2003@proactnow.org echoing the words of Hartmut Meyer, Gesch?ftsf?hrer, Verein S?chsischer Ornithologen e.V. http://www.vso-internet.de ? mailto:info@vso-internet.de Stop Press
Travel to European Ornithological Union Conference in Chemnitz
For those (most of us) for whom travel costs play an important part of decision-making - some good news:
From 1st May (until October) Ryanair http://www.ryanair.com are providing a newconnection between London-Stansted and Altenburg-Nobitz (Leipzig-Altenburg AOC in the flight timetable). Altenberg, a former Russian military airfield, is some 55km west of Chemnitz and is therefore best suited as arrival point for the conference. At present a single ticket Stansted - Altenberg is being advertised at 9.99 Euro! Flights are daily:
Stansted 15:35 - Altenberg 18:25
Altenberg 19:50 - Stansted 19:40
As there is no direct bus or rail linkltravel from Altenberg to Cheminitz is best by taxi to Glachau (30km) and then by rail every 1/2 hour to Chemnitz main station (32 mins). Check times athttp://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en

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