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Keep Birding Free

?birding info on the web should always be free to birders says the Fat Birder?

In the light of recent developments of pay-to-view information for birders a number of British Birding websites, magazines and other interested parties have been talking about how access to our passion should remain free.Of course there are many free reserves across the world so even the most humble birder can pursue their obsession in the field but what of those moments of bad weather or darkness? times when only virtual birding is available?Well the Fat Birder, and many others are in 100% agreement that information on the web should always be free for birders to access. [I don`t mean birdlines and the like; I don`t object to rarity report services passing their costs on to customers as such opt in services offer minute by minute news and this only works if people are employed to keep the service operating].I call on all other interested parties to make the same pledge ? Keep Birding Free by making access to information about birding free on the web!


4th July 2014