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Genetically Modified Foreign Policy

Support food labelling

The European Union intends to introduce labelling of products derived fromGMO - genetically manipulated (or modified) organisms.

This is being strongly opposed by the US Government - acting in the interests of the powerful monopolistic companies such as Monsanto ? who control the patents (and prices) and do not favour developments which may cut their huge profits.

Apart from the dangers for humans, the use of GMOs is potentially much more dangerous for birds and their habitats: as well as other small mammals, insects and plants.The next World Trade Organisation conference takes place in September. Voice your concerns about the uncontrolled spread of GM crops and products in the WTO forum or by supporting the Greenpeace campaign, which will peak at the conference in Cancun on 14th September.

Details at: http://www.proact-campaigns.net/ppsi/id38.html

4th July 2014