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Malta Still Defies Directives

Malta Must Conform To And Implement The Environmental Directives - In Spirit And In Practice…

In May 2004 Malta will become a member of the European Union. As part of the accession process Malta is, inter alia, pledged to keep up (its) efforts so that (it is) fully prepared to assume the obligations of membership by accession. This also includes the necessary translation of the Community acquis. In terms of nature protection this means promoting sustainable development and protecting the environment for present and future generations. How is Malta meeting its obligations? On paper, in the latest EU monitoring report, not enough!

In the field of nature protection, legislation is in place. Enhanced efforts are however required to prepare a list of proposed sites of Community interest and to designate special protection areas by accession, including the completion of the consultation process. Malta needs to ensure that relevant protection measures are applied by accession. The administrative capacities required are largely in place, but considerable efforts are needed to ensure better enforcement of the legislation on birds. More detail is available from the latest EU Report.But it doesn`t sound that bad on paper - the reality, as most of us know, is more like this:

Following three days of torrential rain which hit the Maltese islands the sun came out again today. The rain left behind it hundred of thousand of euros in damage but this sudden change in weather brought on another disaster this time a natural one. Thousands of birds of preys which are on their migration tried to make it to a safer place but on reaching Malta they found an army of shooters ready for their slaughter. Hundreds of birds including honey buzzards, marsh harriers, glossy ibis, great white egrets, little egrets, purple and grey herons and a pallid harrier were killed. The hunting was not concentrated in one particular area of Malta but all over the country with the north and the south being the worst areas. The situation was an alarming one and the police force from the Administrative Law enforcement section due to the limited number of men could not cope with all the reports received. A spokesman for the police said that during the afternoon only they received more than one hundred calls.

And so it goes on … See http://www.proact-campaigns.net/malta/id35.html for new action; ways that you can support in the Proact Malta campaign.

4th July 2014