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Fatbirder Upgraded

Have you realised?

Thanks to Chris - the world`s cleverest software technician Fatbirder has just been upgraded. With any luck you won`t have noticed! Now the site all operates the same way making it easier to develop.This means that, very soon, the long-awaited expansion of the site will start to emerge. All the unpublished Fatbirder pages will soon be on line offering you a wealth of information on bird species and families as well as more country or state pages and background information. Some of the old pages will disappear, but the way you use the site will hardly change. Everytime we upgrade we move over to systems that can be accessed by 95% of computers and internet users.Please let us know if anything goes weird!At the same time I am going through the site, page by page, starting with North America making sure that the links all work and are the latest available… please help me out and let me know if you come across a dead link or a changed URL. This is rather like painting the Golden Gate Bridge - by the time you get to the end you have to go back to the beginning and start over!As always I am happy to recieve offers to write introductions to the geographical pages yet to be introduced by a local birder or regular visitor - you will soon see that most of the bird species pages need intros too - so let me know if you fancy having a go at one! Happy surfing and good birding


4th July 2014