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Here at last…

…Fatbirder Bird Family Pages Have Arrived!

Sharp-eyed Fatbirder aficionados will already have noticed that some of the long-awaited Bird Family pages are now live. Over the coming weeks you will find that there is a page for every Bird family, split, for convenience, into passerines and non-passerines. Each page will have a full list of the species in that family, a picture of one of its members, useful reading and links to any website that I know of that is about the family or the species within it? many thousand more links as well as more than 100 new pages.You will find that some of the pages are fully complete with picture, an intro written by a specialist ornithologist or an enthusiast for the family, book lists, species lists and many many links. Other pages will be not quite so full and it is here, as always, I need your help!If you are a Frogmouth fanatic or Eared-nightjar enthusiast I want to hear from you as I would like every page to have an introduction written by someone who loves the bird family or is knowledgeable about it. A few pages do not have a photograph as I do not have a good one representing that family ? if you do and are willing to showcase it on Fatbirder please get in touch.On some pages you will find a very long list of links, on others very few. This is partly because some families have very few websites devoted to them whereas others have dozens; mind you, sometimes it is because I haven`t yet got round to doing the research. In either case, if you know of a site relevant to a particular family and I don`t have a link to it please send me the URL and I`ll add it. This goes for any info ? like relevant books etc. If you know of a book I`ll need to have the Title, Author, Publisher, year of publication and ISBN. By the way, ALL photographs will be suitably acknowledged and those who write the intros are recorded at the Contributor.So ? enjoy the new pages and please get in touch if you can add anything ? Fatbirder is already the web`s greatest free resource for birders worldwide ? keep helping me keep it that way!

The Fat Birder

4th July 2014