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Osprey Shooting Alarms RSPB

The news that an osprey, one of Britain`s most threatened birds of prey, has been found shot in Lincolnshire has alarmed the RSPB.

An adult osprey was taken into care last night suffering from two wounds - Lincolnshire police officers investigating the case have yet to confirm whether the bird`s injuries were inflicted by an air-rifle or a shotgun. The bird was found in the North Scarle area of the county, close to the Nottinghamshire border, and has been taken into a Lincoln-based wildlife hospital.Grahame Madge, an RSPB spokesman, said: The osprey is one of our most charismatic birds of prey. This fish-eating bird was heavily persecuted and was extinct in Britain for several decades until birds recolonised in 1954. It is ironic that in the year bird lovers are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their return, we are reminded of the osprey`s continued vulnerability.

Fatbirder comment Wild creatures belong to us all ? my view is that a crime against their wellbeing is a crime against the whole community and should be treated as a far worse offence than crime against an individual.

For further information and to arrange an interview, please contact: Grahame Madge, RSPB press officer, on 01767 681577. Out of hours, please telephone: 07702 196902 (mobile) or 01234 870627 (home)

4th July 2014