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Bird Club Twinning

German Bird Society Seeks UK Partner

As a fairly new member of the thriving and traditionally conscious Saxon Ornithological Association Verein Saechsische Ornithologen ? VSO (an early member, world famous ornithologist Ernst Mayr, who is 100 years old this July, still communicates regularly with the society from America). I am looking for a club or society in the UK that would be interested in having a partner organisation on the continent in Germany.

I have as yet no clear concept of what this partnership would exactly involve but an exchange of journals and newsletters (I do English abstracts for the Saxons) and perhaps an exchange of birding trips might be a good start. I would think that individual members could always use the good offices of partner societies and their members to plan their individual birding visits.

The terrain and bird life in Saxony is very varied. On the one hand there is the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) with newly discovered species (Three-toed Woodpecker and Alpine Accentor) and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains on the border with the Czech Republic with breeding Black Stork, Peregrine, Red-breasted Flycatcher and a variety of owl species. In the northern lowlands there are low-lying wetlands which attract migrating waders and are home to the White Stork and other species; which are just a few examples.What we don`t have in Saxony are seabirds and most of our members would look forward to being educated by experts from the British islands. Perhaps a society in the North or West would offer the best of both worlds to a partnership. But we are open to all offers.

I would be grateful for correspondence from any British society or club that are interested. I don`t know if much of this sort of thing goes on but it seemed like a good idea to me and can be developed as far as those involved want.

If any British Bird Club is interested please contact David Conlin - email@david-conlin.deFatbirder Comment:

This sounds like a terrific idea ? very like the town twinning common amongst towns all over the world not just between European cities in different countries. So, if you fancy twinning your club with another, anywhere in the world let me know and I`ll set up a notice-board where clubs can seek their ideal partners! Just mail me contact details etc. bo@fatbirder.com

4th July 2014