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First Ladies And Bankers

It ain`t over `til the first lady swings…

No it`s not clutching at straws. Many a campaign has been won in the last minutes of the last round, and it`s not all over yet in the Ukraine. For those of you who have been following this crucial conservation issue [of planned dredging to make the Danube Delta easier to navigate with bigger ships to the detriment of wildlife] please don`t give up but keep up the pressure!

The flagship of the Josef Moebius dredging fleet is now in the Delta mouth, and the rest of the fleet are on their way, but no serious damage has been done to date.The big names in conservation WWF, Wetlands International, and Birdlife have joined in the fray recently and there is news that Greenpeace Central Europe is considering joining in. That might mean some real direct action in the Delta as local conservationists get outside support.

Ukraine`s President Kuchma is in Romania today and on Friday for the Central European Heads of State summit, and there moves to mobilise people there. The Romanians are hacked off with the Ukrainians after all the effort and funding they have put in to conserving their, much larger part of the Delta and its reserve. So he might get a hot reception in Bucharest.As virtual flanking support we are taking on the Ukraine`s First Lady, now a UNESCO Ambassadress - Let`s Lobby Ludmila and reminding the World Bank of their investments in the Biosphere Reserve.

You can join in the fray at http://www.proact-campaigns.net/ppsi/id51.html (Ludmila) and http://www.proact-campaigns.net/ppsi/id52.html (World Bank).

Thanks in advance [from the Ukraine as well] from Proact`s European activists.

David Conlin - Proact

4th July 2014