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Now Even Fatter!

Even more pages added to Fatbirder.com

Once more fatbirder.com has expanded ? new geographical pages have been added for state level pages for a number of countries ? Argentina, Malaysia and Indonesia. Furthermore there are a number of new pages for special areas of a number of countries; special that is to birders. So you will now find a page for the Galapagos [part of Ecuador], for Greenland & Faeroe Islands [part of Denmark], and for Azores & Madeira [part of Portugal]. A number of newly independent countries now have pages such as East Timor & Azerbaijan. What is more we have tidied up the location of some countries so you will find some moving from one continent to another ? such as Armenia moving to the Europe page and others being duplicated where there is a difference of opinion as to what continent they belong, such as Egypt and Turkey also appearing on the Middle East continent. Whilst making these changes the every European page has been checked and updated and many more links added. All the UK pages have also been checked, corrected and added to, too.

There are a number of pages which now have an introduction written by a local person ? although there are still gaps which we invite you to fill. Most pages are now graced with an appropriate bird image too ? showcasing the work of some of the world`s best bird artists and foremost photographers. These images change over time and you are invited to submit top quality images if you would like your work showcased.

The brand new bird family pages continue to grow with appropriate images, links, introductions and information being added to continually. If you have a website please link to Fatbirder ? the more links we have to our site the more traffic we will get; the more traffic we get the more people will contribute their knowledge to the site and the better it will become ? so that we can continue to claim that this is the biggest and best free resource on the net for birders everywhere!


4th July 2014