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BirdLife calls for cyberaction

Birders in 25 countries are called upon to request a better future for nature and farming in the new EU…

Brussels, Belgium - As Europe is in the process of reviewing its Rural Development Policy for the next coming years, BirdLife International has launched a cyberaction to allow citizens of the EU to express their wish for a better future for nature and farming.
<>br>Farmland birds and other wildlife will further decline in Europe`s Countryside if intensive farming practices continue to be encouraged. Europe`s natural heritage will be lost forever without further clear changes towards a more sustainable system of agriculture.

BirdLife International invites everyone who cares about nature and creating a healthy countryside to join the Farming for Life cyberaction, which will run online from 15 July to 31 October 2004.

The cyberaction (which can be accessed at: http://www.birdlifecapcampaign.org), offers internet campaigners the opportunity to send the new EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development a beautiful digital postcard from any of the 25 EU countries.The new Commissioner, who is due to be appointed in September 2004, will play a key role in keeping Europe`s countryside alive. He, or she, will be the driving force behind the future of Europe`s agricultural policy and the guardian of its implementation in the European Union for the next coming years.

BirdLife International Partners in each of the 25 EU countries are promoting the cyberaction and provide 25 different illustrated postcards which hold the same common message for the Commissioner:

To support farming methods that contribute to maintaining and restoring rich wildlife areas in Europe, and
To increase the overall funding available for nature-friendly farming practices.

A compilation of the `signatures` generated by the cyberaction will be presented to the new Commissioner when they start their mandate by the end of this year.

4th July 2014