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Now for some good news

Bird Crime Decreases in South West

Figures released by the RSPB today show a welcome decrease in the number of incidents of bird crime in the south west of England. In 2002 there were 53 records of crimes against birds and their nests. This fell to 37 in 2003. Chris Townend, RSPB conservation officer said: Obviously it`s encouraging to see that the number of reported incidents has gone down, however there are still problems in the region.Across the South West of England, Devon had the highest number of reported bird crimes. Buzzards, Swans and House Martins were all victims of attacks in the county. Cornwall had the lowest number of reported incidents, but this included the shooting of a Chough! Chris Townend said: Much of what we know relies on the public reporting incidents of bird crime to the RSPB and to the police, through their local wildlife crime officer. He added: Many of the incidents reported in the south west of England involve birds such as Rooks, Magpies and Herring gulls and it`s important to remember that these species are fully protected by law and may only be killed lawfully under very specific circumstances.

4th July 2014