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Eastern Awards

OSME supports Middle East projects

The Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME) has awarded grants to a number of projects in the Middle East over recent months. The grants come from the Conservation and Research Fund, which is used to support a wide range of conservation, survey and educational projects in the Middle East.The recent awards include:

* ?1000 to OSME-supported expedition to Syria
This survey in January-February 2004 surveyed some major wetlands for the first time and found range expansions for Purple Gallinule, Iraq Babbler, Clamorous Reed Warbler, Moustached Warbler and Bearded Tit and several new species for Syria including Smew, Firecrest and Asian Desert Warbler. Most importantly, local Syrian ornithologists were trained in survey techniques.

* ?550 to A. Khaleghizadeh for survey work at the Latian Dam in Iran
The grant enabled monthly counts of waterbirds to be made for a year at this important IBA and for a complete list of the birds by month to be compiled. The grant also bought binoculars for a researcher and helped with transport costs.

* ?500 to Mike Jennings for survey work in Eastern Yemen
This vital fieldwork in little-known Eastern Yemen is part of the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Arabia project.* ?300 to Elena Kreuzberg-Mukhina to promote eco-tourism in Uzbekistan
Birdwatching will be used to promote eco-tourism and conservation in Uzbekistan through the creation of a new website giving details of birds and sites.

* ?300 to Mick Green for survey work at Barr al Hickman wetlands, Oman
* ?220 to allow Guy Kirwan to visit the All?on Collection in Sofia, Bulgaria
A visit to the museum will allow Guy Kirwan to gain a comprehensive insight into both past and present Turkish bird distributions (geographical and temporal), and especially geographic variation. This information will be of great value to his proposed Birds of Turkey; the first complete avifauna of Turkey.* ?200 to Susannah Lerman for a Striated Scops Owl project in Southern Israel
The work will look at the factors affecting the winter distribution of this species. Fieldwork will be carried out over two winters, birds will be trapped for ringing to investigate site fidelity, and pellets analysed.

* ?150 for a Lesser Kestrel project in Palestine
This money will specifically finance an awareness campaign of the plight of the Lesser Kestrel for school children.

* $100 for OWL
This is the Recent Ornithological Literature project, which lists ornithological papers, including many from the OSME journal Sandgrouse. Support was requested to put early papers online. Visit OWL at http://www.birdlit.orgIncidentally, OSME welcomes applications for grants of up to UK?500 from its Conservation and Research Fund, to support research projects in the region. Projects should be directed to one or more of the following subject areas:
i) investigating the status of threatened or near-threatened species
ii) attempting to further knowledge of existing Important Bird Areas (e.g. undertaking breeding censuses, visiting out-of-season to conduct systematic counts)
iii) investigating potential new Important Bird Areas or little-known areas
iv) conducting ecological studies of little-known species
v) educational projects

To submit an application write to: OSME, c/o The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL, UK or email grants@osme.org Applicants are required to provide a project brief which contains at least the following basic details.
1. outline of the project to be undertaken and its aims and objectives
2. methods to be used
3. expected outputs
4. duration of project
5. details of involvement of local people (if any)
6. budget including how OSME funding would be used.
7. brief CV`s of project personnel

4th July 2014