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Backward Monarch Destroying Europe`s Heritage

Royal Slaughter In Romania And Poland

HRH the King of Spain Juan Carlos, as Head of State in a modern European democracy, is apparently still tied to feudal principles, rights and behaviour.

On 10th of October 2004, during a visit to Romania, King Juan Carlos shot and killed 9 Brown Bears Ursus arctos arctos, 3 Wild boars Sus scrofa and a Eurasian Wolf Canis lupus lupus. He also visited Poland recently to hunt the European Bison or Wisent Bison bonasus bonasus. King Juan Carlos is a well-known hunter and bullfight aficionado and this is not the first time that he has hunted protected species in these countries.

Most people in a modern Europe expect their Heads of State, particularly royalty who have an especially privileged position, to represent the best aspects of their country abroad and set an example to their own citizens or subjects. This form of European Big Game trophy hunting is unworthy of those we elect or permit to represent us and belongs to the past. In the cases referred to it is uncomfortably reminiscent of the former leaders of those and other East European countries whose hunting excesses were matched by their treatment of their own people. Please send an email to the Spanish Royal Palace protesting at this outdated form of l?se majest? ? in this case disrespect or irreverence for animal life, conservation efforts and public environmental education ? by visiting the Proact site at: http://proact-campaigns.net/mammalcampaigns/royalbearkiller.html

4th July 2014