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Housing Crisis!

Solve it by supporting National Nest Box Week

A baby boom in Britain`s Blue Tits could cause a housing crisis this year, making it even more important to put up a new nesting box to celebrate National Nest Box Week (14 - 21 February), as promoted by BTO and Jacobi Jayne & Co.

According to data collected for the British Trust for Ornithology`s (BTO`s) Ringing Scheme, 2004 was a productive year for Blue Tits. Many of these birds will now be starting to look for their starter homes, so now is the time to help a young couple and celebrate National Nest Box Week by putting up a box in your garden.Natural nest sites, such as holes in trees and buildings, are fast disappearing as gardens and woods are tidied and old houses are repaired. National Nestbox Week, organised by the BTO and sponsored by Jacobi Jayne & Co., is launched every year on the 14 February and aims to encourage members of the public to erect nest boxes in their gardens.

Once a bird has found a place to nest it may return for several seasons. A Blue Tit found nesting by Chris du Feu and his team, participants in the BTO`s Nest Record Scheme since 1975, in Treswell Wood in Nottinghamshire 1993 was still using the box to breed in 1997.According to BTO Nest Record Scheme data, Blue Tits have an average of just over seven chicks per nest. Each chick is fed approximately 100 times a day so, between hatching and fledging, the average Blue Tit family will munch it`s way through around 10,000 invertebrates, mainly caterpillars - and that`s just the kids. Encouraging Blue Tits to nest in your garden could therefore provide you with the ultimate ecologically friendly form of pest control!

NB Copies of the The BTO Nestbox Guide can be obtained for ?8.99 (including p&p) from Jacobi Jayne & Co, Freepost 1155, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 7BR or call Freephone 0800 072 0130. An information pack about nest boxes is also available from this address. The official website of National Nest Box Week is http://www.livingwithbirds.com

4th July 2014