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Aviscience is launched

?aiming to bring scientific knowledge to birders everywhere?

All birdwatchers enjoy the sight of birds in their everyday lives. Many though are not always fully aware of what they are seeing. For example many do not realize that the bird song delighting us in the morning is an aggressive chorus of avian challenges and insults! They are not sure as to why birds select certain foods and reject others at the table. Most want to know these things and ultimately understand bird behaviour and biology but have a superficial and shaky foundation to build upon (typically the schooling from their youth).

The knowledge and understanding they seek is about, but, unfortunately it is fairly inaccessible as the science of ornithology is just that, a science. Ornithologists have uncovered so much of late that has not percolated down to the lay birder. Often the papers and literature of the science are hard to fathom, written in technical jargon and with many assumptions of the knowledge of the reader. Technical papers are published in specialist journals (Ibis, Nature etc.) which are not on the newsstands and require annual subscriptions.

The mission of Aviscience http://www.aviscience.com/ is to harvest and disseminate this information and make it readily understood. They will be publishing articles discussing scientific papers with explanations, applications and comments. They want to encourage ornithologists and other researchers looking at birds to compose or forward short pieces written for non-scientific but inquisitive birders. If they can build a library of articles covering all aspects of birdlife they can drive the cause of bird conservation forward, add dimension to a day’s birdwatching and educate the next generation of bird lover.At the same time they want to forge community links and bridges between birders and scientists. So, they have a forum and a live chat-room to allow easy communication between visitors [no registration is required]. They are also constructing free directories of specialists, service providers, and manufacturers. If anyone is looking for any specialist, ornithology course or even holiday, they will be able to find it. For example, their Bird Technology Directory contains many field, lab and computer oriented products available to birders and scientists. In addition they are planning a shopping facility for birding equipment as well as a classified section for anyone to advertise second-hand goods, holiday cottages and other services.

The Aviscience website is not intended to generate huge profits. Their goal is to be able to employ fulltime researchers to trawl through the scientific press composing articles of all avian topics conceivable. This can only happen through their website visitors. They hope you will use the links to visit other websites and spread the joy. If they can get a pair of permanent research staff on the books by the time next September rolls around they have every chance of making a big difference to the birding world…

Fatbirder wishes them every good fortune…

4th July 2014