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New guide to Falkland bird sites

?contains checklist too

Falklands Conservation (BirdLife in the Falkland Islands) launched its latest publication, Important Bird Areas of the Falkland Islands, in London last week (25 July 2006).

The book describes 22 sites in the Falklands, which are of global importance for bird conservation. These Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are priorities for conserving the natural heritage of the Islands for generations to come.

The Falkland Islands are a remote sub-Antarctic archipelago in the South Atlantic particularly significant for their bird life. They are home to vast colonies of breeding seabirds, including albatross and penguins. They contain two endemic birds, found nowhere else in the world - Cobb’s Wren Troglodytes cobbi (Vulnerable) and the Falkland Steamerduck Tachyeres brachypterus. There are 13 Falkland races, or sub-species, and a number of other birds with their stronghold in the Islands—in particular the Striated Caracara Phalcoboenus australis (Near Threatened).The 22 Important Bird Areas cover 717 km2 of the Falkland land area (5.9%). Only five are on the main islands, the other 17 consist of islands and island groups—altogether 186 islands and dependent islets. Most are in private ownership and many are uninhabited.

"The publication of this Directory marks another major step forward for the conservation of biodiversity in the Falklands." —Grant Munro, Falklands Conservation Grant Munro, Falklands Conservation Director, said, "The publication of this Directory marks another major step forward for the conservation of biodiversity in the Falklands. IBAs are very effective in capturing a high proportion of other threatened, endemic and representative wildlife species. The Directory now provides us with an excellent tool at the local level to focus on conservation action. It is also an invaluable reference for all those that have an interest in the future of the Falkland Islands."

Important Bird Areas of the Falkland Islands (ISBN 0953837165, 160 pages) is fully illustrated in colour throughout with maps for each IBA. It includes an up to date checklist of birds of the Falkland Islands, the Falklands Countryside Code, Environment Charter and Global Criteria for IBA selection. Retail price is £10, plus £1 post and packing. The book is immediately available to purchase online from the Falklands Conservation web shop, and from the end of September at their Stanley Office at the Jetty Visitor Centre in the Falkland Islands.

4th July 2014