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Carbon Offset Tree planting for Air Travellers

Treeflights - a new way to help the natural world when you fly

Treeflights.com is a new web-based scheme that enables any air traveller to put something back when they fly.

Based in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales and launched in July, Treeflights plant trees for airline passengers who are concerned about their CO2 emissions. The underlying idea is simple - as the trees grow, they gradually re-absorb the greenhouse gas released by the flight. With all the concern around the planet getting warmer, most of us now know, when we fly off to that wonderful wildlife paradise, that the big aluminium bird that gets us there releases a lot of CO2 into the air. What many of us have forgotten is that trees eat CO2 for breakfast (and lunch and supper) and are currently absorbing 20% of all human emissions of the stuff.The problem is that we're losing lots of our natural forest every year, so Treeflights say, "You Fly - We Plant. If you're going to make the choice to fly, let us plant a tree for you."

Airline passengers can visit the website, choose the type of tree they want planted and visit the resulting, mixed broadleaved woodland.

This new idea has had a great response on the net but some people have raised concerns. Greenpeace say that planting trees to offset emissions is not the right way forward. They feel that these schemes encourage people to fly and that the focus should be on persuading people to fly less.Ru Hartwell (Treeflights Director) responds, “We all have to look at our own carbon footprints and reduce them wherever we can. What we are saying is - if you are flying, you are doing something that’s quite hard on the planet, mainly because emissions at altitude are particularly harmful. Here is a straightforward way to do something that is ecologically positive at the same time.”

Other critics make the point that Treeflights is not a charity and so is potentially making a profit from Global Warming.

Ru’s response to this is blunt.“I’ve got a little boy of 2. I don’t want him living on the surface of Venus when he’s my age. If I can earn a living being part of the solution rather than the problem, that’s fine by me.”

For more info visit: http://www.treeflights.com

4th July 2014